Every resume needs to be in perfect order and must manifest eye-catching details and provoke the reader to glance at the resume at least once. For this purpose, it must be in perfect order, all the experiences are well presented, and all the details must be aligned so that the reader is convinced to look at the CV and might consider it for recruitment purposes. In the case of IT professionals, it must be extraordinary as it is related to their field, so it is a chance for them to display their professionalism and skills in the resume. The resume must have a proper format which is being discussed in this article.

This article will help you to include details such as:

  • How to write an international resume that will help you to get more job opportunities.
  • A resume that is more presentable as compared to hundreds of others.
  • IT resumes tips that help to include experiences, skills and achievements.
  • How to describe your resume for IT workers to get an international job.

Format to be used

For a resume to compete internationally, it must have a specific format that needs to display itself transparently. All the details must be mentioned in one particular order. They must be aligned together so that it is easy for the reader to go through the CV without hesitation. The format that should be used is shown below:

  1. A brief introduction of yourself, a background of what expertise you are capable of, and a little history of work experience. Remember, the opening must be concise and display what qualities the person is qualified for. The language must be moderate, and the paragraph must not be lengthy.
  2. The following paragraph should be of work experience. If a person has the experience, he/she must explain in detail in Reverse Chronological order, i.e. starting from the latest job to the oldest one they had. Recent work experience and employment go first, with previous positions listed below. The tenure, along with companies name and achievements, must be mentioned.
  3. If a person has no work experience, the section for past responsibilities and experience won’t be filed. Instead, bullet points will be used to fill up all the skills and duties you have done related to IT. If there are no skills, then the educational area becomes the topmost section after the introduction paragraph.
  4. The personal information section is usually on the side, including basic information like address, phone number, social media links, emails etc. The language and skill section may be added as additional information to strengthen the resume.
  5. If the resume holder has a good experience in the field of IT, then he must opt for the resume summary. This resume summary is put up as an introduction in the first paragraph. One of the samples is shown as: “A personable IT consultant with four years of experience in a global firm. Scored region leading QST rating on internal review. Looking forward to leverage advanced technical skills and abilities as an IT manager for the Leparage institute.” This is one of the templates a person with work experience must use to begin their resume.
  6. If you have more than one job, pick the best one with all the achievements, with the best tech in the company’s interest.
  7. Technical skills for a resume are essential, but only the right ones are relevant for the applying job. They must not be too much or too less.
  8. A cover letter is essential for an IT applicant as 45% of the applicants get rejected because they lack a cover letter. The cover letter must include why you are suitable for this job, drop names, need for the job and relate why you need to work for this specific company.

Sample Resumes

If you are an IT or Technology professional, you can find excellent resume samples on the following pages

  1. https://www.getsetresumes.com/sample-resumes
  2. https://www.getsetresumes.com/resume-examples

A few good samples are below.

Sample Resume for Software Devops Engineer by GetSetResumes Sample Resume for Senior IT Professional Delivery Manager by GetSetResumes



An excellent resume is essential for IT professionals, especially when applying internationally, as it helps them to compete with others. For this purpose, it must be perfect, and the room for mistakes must be none. Suppose a person thinks that they are incapable of creating one that is up to the mark. In that case, plenty of resume writing services help to make your resume ideally and according to the job title. Thus, a convincing resume is vital in getting a dream job!


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