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5 Essential Tips For Making a Captivating Video Resume

Video Resumes are trending, and you should know how to create them proficiently. The employment market has considerably transformed significantly in the last few decades. Today, competition is fierce, and the process is changing owing to technology that has revolutionized every industry. Hiring is no exception. If you are interested in creating a video CV to be more competitive, this space is for you. Let’s take a closer look at the video resume.

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Video Resumes in India

I was recently approached with the idea of Video Resume implementation in India. Now this concept has gained a lot of ground in the western countries, especially the US and people are beginning to explore this new form of resume. But when it comes to India, I have my doubts. Below I have tried to put down some points which struck me while I was pondering over the thought of venturing into it. Some of them were discussed with HRs in leading organizations. But first of all, what is a video resume? A video resume is your resume recorded on…

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