It is a common saying your first impression is your last impression. The saying does not hold as true anywhere as it does with presenting your resume to the recruiter. And an email is one easy yet impactful way to reach your recruiter- with your resume.

But the irony is recruiters only give a few seconds to each email.

So how do get the recruiter’s eyeballs in a pool of emails?

The organization and structure of your mail are catalysts in building a solid first impression. It can make you stand out among others and get you one step closer to your dream job.

In this blog, you will get insights into:

  • Why do you need to email your resume to a recruiter?
  • How to email your resume to a recruiter/ company HR?
  • How to approach a recruiter in three different scenarios for a win?

Why do you need to email your resume to the recruiter?

In the present scenario, when layoffs are higher than the hiring rate, and it takes months to even get a decent job, you need a new approach. Even if you apply to job portals, your resume gets lost in a pool of applicants. There are chances that the recruiter did not even get a chance to consider your profile and closed the position.

There are two ways to be noticed by you:

  • Network and reach the recruiters on social media platforms like LinkedIn
  • Directly let the recruiter know that you are interested in the position by landing in their inbox

Both of them being equally effective enable you to be ahead of other applicants who are just applying on job portals.

How to email your resume to a recruiter/ company HR?

There are three aspects to any email- the subject line, the email body, and the CTA (call to action). It is a compelling subject line that drives the recruiter to open your email followed by the body. Here is a systematic break-up of how to write each of these.

The Subject-Line

As per a 2021 study by Barilliance, a whopping 64% of email users decide to open based on subject lines. An inappropriate subject line could even lead your email into the spam folder.

Rule No. 1 to nail your subject line while emailing your resume to the recruiter is to make your objective clear in the subject line. Fancy words, long sentences, or unclear subject lines are ways are some don’ts.

Here is an example

Application for the post of IT Manager

This simple subject line makes it clear to the recruiter:

  • You are not a spammer
  • You hit the mailbox because you want the job

With this subject line, the recruiter will check your email if they have an open position.

The Body + CTA of an email

Once you’ve convinced the recruiter to open your mail, you have got the opportunity to introduce yourself to the recruiter. It is very similar to introducing yourself to a recruiter in an offline set-up. As offline, you have very little time to make an impression.

Before we move to an example, here are some tips to write the email:

  • Use a professional, concise, and clear tone. A professional and to-the-point mail eases the recruiter’s job, increasing your chances of forming a good impression in the recruiter’s mind
  • Keep it short. In a few lines, introduce your professional background and strength areas
  • Personalize your email by addressing the recruiter by their first name. Tell me why you want to work for them and also mention how you got to know about them
  • Inform the recruiter in the email about the attachments – resume, cover letter, portfolio etc.

The CTA is as crucial as the email body.

It is a chance to reiterate your interest in the position. With a CTA, you redirect the recruiter to the next step. This could be as simple as setting up a call, scheduling an interview, or letting you know the next steps.

This prepares the recruiter to revert to you immediately if they are interested in considering you for the position.

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am a marketing manager with 10 years of experience in new market penetration, creating GTM strategies, and new customer acquisition.

As the winner of the 2021 Webby Award for Best marketing strategy, my goal is to leverage my experience to help you create customer focused marketing strategies and increase market share

I am looking forward to helping your company reach new customers through innovative marketing tactics. My resume and cover letter are attached below for your reference.

I look forward to connecting over a call.

Thanks and Regards

Jay Sharma


Ph. No.


Why will this email work?

  • It takes just a minute to read
  • The first line introduces the job seeker along with years of experience and top 3 skills
  • The second paragraph goes on to explain the result he has brought using those skills
  • The final paragraph talks about why he is a good fit
  • The email provides everything the recruiter needs to know in 70 odd words

Pro tip: Ensure that all your documents are properly labelled, and updated to your latest knowledge

How to approach a recruiter in three different scenarios for a win?

Now that you are familiar with the basic structure for writing an effective email to a recruiter, let us look at the following scenarios and how to approach them:

When the Recruiter Reaches You

Recruiters often reach potential candidates by email. Your email might be in their database because you applied for a position in the same organization in the past.

In such a case, a job opportunity has directly landed in your mailbox. Here is how you can reply to these emails:

  • Thank the recruiter for their consideration
  • Politely decline if you are not interested
  • If you are interested, respond to the recruiter’s questions if any
  • If the recruiter hasn not laid down the next steps, ask for the relevant steps

Pro Tip: If you are interested in the job offered, follow up every 5-7 days. Following up shows your dedication and reminds the recruiter to reply in case they have missed your email.

When You Cold Email

This is the least common scenario. Cold emailing has huge untapped potential, and only a minuscule percentage of job seekers use this strategy.

In this scenario, always start with a strong subject line mentioning your application with the profile name.

In the email, briefly about yourself and specify that you are looking for a job opportunity in any XYZ profile. End your email with a call-to-action by mentioning how the recruiter can contact you if there are any opportunities.

A concise email with a strong subject line helps you stand out when you cold email a recruiter.

Pro Tip: Personalize your cold email by mentioning why you want to work with the company

When You Got the Email ID Through a Referral

Having a referral makes it easier to land a job. Companies always prefer referrals over cold emails and the traditional job hunting processes. Some organizations even incentivize the referee.

If you have got a referral, this is your chance to shine:

  • Make it clear that you are approaching through a referral
  • If possible, loop the referrer in the initial conversation for the recruiter’s clarity and to establish authenticity
  • Follow the email with an introductory note and why you are fit for the position
  • End with a positive CTA

Final word

If you are struggling with being hired even after endlessly applying to jobs on all jobs portable possible, it is time to change your job search strategy. Get more specific with your job search, chose the companies you want to work with and send them an email to the recruiters. You never know when you might get a call.

If you do not have an industry-winning resume to attach to your email, check out our services and packages.

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