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Writing a Resume in case of Career Switch (Part 1)

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As a resume writer, I can tell you this for sure – writing a resume for a person who is at the verge of a career switch is a sticky wicket – at times the right ideas click, and at times the transitions leave you scratching your head. Shifting careers is not an option, it is rather a choice, and let me tell you, there are times when it isn’t that easy.

Barring a small percentage, most of the people are confused regarding career choices. I don’t blame you for that. I myself was at crossroads when it came to choosing a career path after I graduated. I kind of gambled when I chose my profession. Surprisingly, I got the job, even though it was completely different from my major at the university.

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Writing a Resume in case of Career Switch (Part 2)

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Continued from the first part of the series: Writing a Resume in case of Career Switch (Part 1)

Case 2: Same industry/company, different vertical/functional area, like a Content Writer for a Resume Writing Company to a Business Development Executive in a Resume Writing Company

This transition is a little tricky, but again, a little effort and persistence on your part will reap you rich rewards later on.

In this scenario, I assume myself as a Content Writer for a Resume Writing Company at present, wishing to apply for a Business Development role in another company that also happens to be into the business of writing resumes. While being fully aware of the fact that the role I aspire is completely different from what I am doing at present, I believe that I can perform well at the job, if given a chance.

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Emails - Are you sending the right message?

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Emails are an integral part of any business conversation these days. They contain within them the power to make or break your perceived personality in the workplace. Not to mention, how you communicate without seeing the person face to face, or without actually talking to them depicts a lot about you.

"There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it."

- Dale Carnegie, American Educator (1888 – 1955) (Sourced and quoted as is from here)

The above lines pretty much sum up the importance of writing a well-framed email, especially in the context of business or workplace conversations. Writing a near-perfect email is an art, which can be mastered by following a few simple rules. In this article, I explore what common courtesy expects us to follow while writing a formal email to anyone in the workplace – be it your boss, the management, your junior, or even your colleague.

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Chasing Your Dreams or Toiling For Money?

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A question that often troubles freshly graduated candidates or first time job hunters is whether one should pursue their passion or should they run after a job with a regular pay check? Most people I have talked to (especially in India) have (more often than not) preferred the latter over the former. The reason – many consider that following your passion is foolhardy – since the passion (or your interest, as I put it) is nothing but a waste of time, and doesn’t guarantee financial stability (which, believe me, is a tremendously huge preference for most of us Indians). But is that right? And how does one choose between a career and your passion?

In this fiercely competitive world, most people are more concerned about acquiring great wealth and power, which has surprisingly also given rise to a high rate of job dissatisfaction. An article on the Huffington Post reveals that 55% of young workers are ready to sacrifice salary hikes for a job that is personally fulfilling. People who chose a career path influenced by money, have more often than not, found themselves in a state of complete disarray and frustration when they realised that the job [or the company] expectations differ from what they expected it to be, and what their skills essentially were. Career Planning does help in such a case, but what is life without a little spontaneity?

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Career Planning - Doing it Right

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Career Planning - a phrase that leaves both freshmen as well as professionals pondering over the implications that ensue. Every day, a large number of people either decide their career path or choose to change it, most of it done in an impulse or through a surge of adrenaline. As an individual, it is important to determine which career is right for you, and also to discover a common ground between your career choices and your skills and personal interests, without hampering your professional or personal growth. This is where planning your career comes to play.

Keeping aside all hefty verbiage, career planning simply refers to planning out your professional goals and paths in a systematic manner, in alignment with your personal attributes and aspirations. It is an essential part of your professional life – be it commencement of your job or a shift in it. At some point, we all require planning out our lives – because let’s face it, a life without a plan is a life spent without purpose.

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DIY Guide to Writing LinkedIn Profiles in 2015 - Part 2

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Updating your LinkedIn

In the previous article, we talked about how you can create a LinkedIn profile on your own by following a simple series of steps. Creating an account on any social networking site is easy. Knowing what to do with it and how to use it to your advantage is a bit of a tough task; not everyone is an expert at using social media. To help you out in doing the same, we will be reflecting on how you can update your LinkedIn to make it look more professional and eye-catchy within this article.

As per certain surveys, now-a-days most of the recruiters globally are heading towards/prefer headhunting for potential employees on LinkedIn. Having a LinkedIn profile does make you step out of the crowd, but there is nothing more off-putting to an online recruiter than an empty/half-filled/poorly framed LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile is like your online resume; you can choose to make a favourable, lasting impression, or you can choose to destroy your personal brand forever. A visually appealing and informative LinkedIn not only increases your chances of getting hired, it also creates an impression that you are willing to put an effort into a task and give it your best shot. This can create a huge impact on any recruiter's mind when making a hiring decision. 

Let us look at the steps you need to take to update your LinkedIn profile in minutes.

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DIY Guide to Writing LinkedIn Profiles in 2015 - Part 1

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As one of the biggest professional social networking site on the internet today (over 300 million users), LinkedIn is regarded as an important platform to connect, search for like-minded professionals and find one’s dream job. Previously underestimated, LinkedIn is today considered as a powerful tool to showcase one’s professional prowess to potential recruiters. It is no wonder that new users are creating their profiles on LinkedIn every day to start off their professional journey.

All of us want to be hired and employed by top-notch businesses to utilize our full potential and grow professionally and personally. As a search tool for job providers and job seekers, it is important for us not just to have a profile on LinkedIn, but also for the profile to be professionally enticing so as to market ourselves effectively in the corporate domain. To achieve this, one can either hire a professional writer to enhance and update the profile, or do so by themselves.

In this article, we will explore how one can create/update their LinkedIn profile quickly, without much effort, on their own.

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Simple & Effective US/Canada Resume Format

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If you live in the US or are applying to the US / Canadian markets, you need to be very attentive to the format of the resume that you share. A lot of US companies still have not upgraded to modern day formats and prefer the old-style resumes (Arial, font size 10+, without boxes, light sized doc) and if your resume format differs from this, your resume might stand a good chance of getting rejected. 

On these lines, we designed a very simple, yet very effective resume for these markets. We have stuck to the use of Arial font in the resume but ensured that the file looks good to the eye. The positioning of content has been taken care of in line with how US recruiters view resumes. Keywords have been added appropriately and the language kept simple to ensure the recruiter does not feel that the resume has been written by someone else and not you! 

Below we highlight the format in the form of some major guidelines. 

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Are you still using a traditional objective in your resume?

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Traditionally resumes have an introductory statement at the beginning. Most people call it the “Objective Statement”, where they mention what they want to do in their lives, or more specifically, with their careers. This statement is what hiring managers read or are expected to read first (given that it’s placed at the top of the page). So in a way, it is this statement which can reserve the job for you but if not done properly, this same statement can be the reason why your job search is over before it even started.

We have seen thousands of resumes and most of them include objective statements. Very few resumes, though, use statements which impact the reader. Most of the rejected resumes read very vague objectives, similar to:

“To utilise my skills with a company which understands my talents and provides me with the platform to grow in my professional life.”  OR

 “To use my skills and expertise to grow the organization.”

and so on and so forth. Do you really think that such a start to your resume is doing you any good? Well, no!

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Letter to all Customers – Beware of Fraud & Please exercise caution when choosing Resume Services online

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Dear Customers,

Since November 2013, there have been a lot of complaints regarding Resume Writing services especially from the Delhi/Noida region. A lot of companies (more than 10) have mushroomed in this area and taken up names which resemble popular company/website’s like ours, naukri, shine, etc. The names these websites take are similar to or or, etc. This has not only impacted the reputation of the big companies but also impacted start-up firms like ours who are new into the business and creating a name through genuine service excellence. As they say, one dirty fish spoils the pond.

Now, all these companies have a similar modus operandi – they set up a BPO/Call Centre where every seat is priced and has a target to achieve. All callers target customers who are not aware of online banking but need a job desperately. These callers then take the customers’ online baking details and dupe them of huge amounts on the pretext of jobs and resume writing services. By the time the customer realizes, the fraud has already been done and the caller is unapproachable.

As founder of, I urge you to exercise extreme caution before you fall into the trap of such companies. Please verify the company details, check their About Us page or Company Page and try to locate them. If the callers seem fishy, do not proceed with the transaction. If any company offers you a job promise on the pretext of resume writing, do not believe them at all! And NEVER EVER share your banking or credit/debit card details with any caller from any company.

We contacted CCAvenue – our trusted payment partner today, to clarify their stand on this matter. The good thing we found is that payment gateways like CCAvenue, EBS, etc. have started taking cognizance of this growing menace and have started to confiscate the payments of these fraudulent companies. This has resulted in huge losses for them and should become a deterrent for anybody to start this business again. However, in all this, it is the customer who has had to pay the price.  

If you receive any such alleged calls claiming to be from or any company’s name resembling, please notify us immediately at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING and we will take appropriate action at the earliest. Our Customer Support staff NEVER asks you for your banking details and will never solicit you for a job. We are writers and only provide Writing Services to professionals which help them with their job search. We do not provide any other service and if anybody offers you any other service in our name, please call us and notify us immediately.

We assure you the best of service and the best quality documents always.

Requesting your support and trust,
On behalf of the entire Team,
Rajat Vashishta
(Founder & Director)

Dated: February 2014

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