GetSetResumes was born in early 2011 when our market research threw open data on how dissatisfied clients were with the then service providers. When we started, we branded ourselves as pure Resume Writers with a horse’s vision, 100% focus on the resume. Hence the name “Get Set Resumes” was taken.

Gradually we expanded our horizons and started helping clients with more services. Services like Essays, Recommendation Letters, SOPs, Award Citations, Biographies and even PPTs. At one point, we were also doing Mock Interview preparations!

By 2022, as we came out of the Covid storm, we realised that our vision had changed from just writing resumes, to actually helping clients attain success in their job search endeavours. And not just job search, but promotions, and recognitions. Basically, transitioning to a better position.

So, early this year in Feb 2022, we decided it was time to change our brand’s central message. From “Making Resumes Better!” we have now changed our focus to “Transition Better!” because that is what GetSetResumes is helping clients achieve. Transition. Better. Old Logo

GSR’s old message New Logo

GSR’s new message

Our goal is still the same – Customer Success. And although it is impossible to guarantee success for 100% of the customers, we strive our best to make sure that everyone who takes our services is able to move into a better role, a better position, or is recognised for her/his efforts.