Every company will want to attract the very best candidates on offer in order to keep moving forward and ultimately improve their bottom line. But competition is high in the world of business, and attracting the top talent is no longer simply about who can afford the highest wages. Fortunately, there are lots of different ways you can stand out from the competition to pull the most skilled workers from the talent pool.

Build a strong reputation in your industry

In order to attract the very best candidates to your company, it’s helpful to establish a strong reputation within your field. There are many different ways to achieve this, but there are three key stakeholders who will determine how your company is perceived to the rest of the world: clients, customers and employees.

You will be amazed at how small the world of business is, and clients or employees who have worked with a company will inevitably spread the word – no matter whether they’ve had a positive or negative experience.

Of course, these things don’t happen overnight and it’s not a quick fix to help you start attracting leading talent in the field. But if you are able to position your company as a market leader that’s well respected by clients, customers and employees, you will become a far more attractive proposition to prospective hires.

Focus on flexibility

Establishing a progressive company culture touches on a variety of different aspects, but one of the most important is offering workers flexibility. The shift to remote working has transformed the way in which employees view the working week, and more than 97% of people who have had a taste of the remote approach want to retain the benefits that come with it for at least part of their hours.

Once professionals have been in a role that’s offered them flexibility over working location and even perhaps their working schedules, it’s unlikely that they will want to revert back entirely to the traditional method of being in an office 9-5. When applying for a role, young professionals especially will expect to have the opportunity to work remotely at least some of the time.

This flexible approach should also be taken into consideration during the recruitment process. Remote interviewing means you can speak to more potential candidates who are further afield, improving your chances of finding the right fit for the role.

Keep development at the forefront

According to one survey, both Gen Z and millennial applicants said having access to learning and development opportunities was the second-most important reason why they joined their existing company; behind having a good work/life balance. When you’re targeting the most adroit candidates in the industry, it’s crucial to establish a positive culture of ongoing learning and development in order to match their ambition.

While promoting a culture that values progression can be more difficult to achieve when more employees are remote, there are still ways you can provide learning opportunities to your staff. For example, you could invest more in virtual training programmes, whilst also committing to allowing employees to set their own learning goals and schedules to fit around their primary responsibilities.

Be sure to advertise any steps you’ve already taken to demonstrate your company’s commitment to learning and development within job adverts and descriptions.

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