Looking for a job always ends up becoming  a stressful affair. No one likes to keep seeking opportunity after opportunity and get very little in terms of response. Here are a few tips on how you should go about when it comes to job search. 
  • Inside network: Before you come out in the open and start looking for jobs on various portals, do not forget to look on the inside first. This means that you should also consider your inside networks which includes friends, family, ex colleagues as well as employers. You may end up finding a good role which suits your requirement and needs without expending too much energy. 
  • Fix your resume: The most important thing that you need to do before you begin your job search is cleaning up your resume and converting it into a brand new one. You need to add all those new skills that you have acquired and at the roles and responsibilities that you took over in your previous or present job. This will help you land better opportunities and you will be able to find your dream job faster. 
  • One Job – One Resume: While you are preparing your resume for a desired role make sure that you mention everything that the role requires or demands. For instance, you may need to mention skills that are required for that particular job. You can also mould your resume accordingly and add or subtract skills as per a job application. 
  • Highlight accomplishments: Make sure that you highlight your accomplishments. In fact you need to mention points that make you gain a particular spot in the crowd so that the employer is forced to choose your resume and call you for the interview. You can also ask for professional help if you feel the need for it. 
  • Patience: As they say patience is the key and while looking for a job, your patience is the most important thing. If you have given an interview and are waiting for a call, be patient and try not to pester the HR to know the post interview status.
  • Don’t reject a job for the salary: You may end up landing a great job with a slightly less salary than your expectations. When it comes down to that make sure that you do not end up leaving a good opportunity because you are being paid slightly less. Getting into a good company and a role which is appropriate for you is more important than the salary structure that is offered. 
  • Don’t get discouraged and stop trying: If you are tired of giving interviews and are not being able to land a good opportunity, do not get disheartened and lose hope. You may not get this job but there are several other jobs waiting for you. 
I hope these tips will help you get a better perspective during your job hunt and make things easier for you. Go ahead, try as hard as you can and get that dream job of yours. 

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