In this fast-paced world, most of our time is taken up by our jobs. Right from the time we wake up until the time we’re off to bed, work takes the centre stage. There are times when your good night sleep ends up suffering because of the extra time given to work. Your workload ends up becoming a problem quite a lot of times resulting in health issues for you.

Let’s take a look at a few ways as to how your work maybe causing health issues and what you can do to change that:

Overtime: “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” You may have heard this phrase quite a lot of times. Believe it or not, it is true. While working too much and spending way too much time at work maybe giving you that satisfaction presently and might even be making you the apple of your boss’ eye, it is only affecting your health adversely. Don’t believe us? You will see how badly this affects you in the long run.

Studies suggest that working for more than 50 hours in a week causes physical as well as mental strain. Right from depression to heart diseases, working overtime can cause you all of this and even more.

Thus, instead of working way too hard, give yourself some break and and hang out with a few friends. A beer or two will only make things better for you. And if you are one of those who love to stay in, well, get your Netflix on and enjoy a few good shows and de-stress. Work can wait, but your health cannot. Go give your health a chance at least.

Sedentary work: Most of us these days have a job which involves sitting on a desk in front of a laptop all day long. You end up sitting at one place with no movement which only causes trouble to your health. Looking at your computer screen or all day only strains your eyes and makes them weak. Along with this, several muscle problems are associated with no movement at work. A suggestion to you would be to make sure that you take at least a 10-minute break every hour and give that body some movement.

Not only will this give you a break from work, but it will also act as an exercising agent and help you in losing those extra pounds which you have been trying to, for quite a long time. Go ahead, shed those extra pounds and make yourself happy.

Too many emails: You may have heard and read a lot about anxiety. Do you know one of the causes of anxiety? Reading your emails and responding as soon as possible can also cause anxiety. The frequent checking of emails and stress are quite related if studies are to be believed. Want to lower your stress levels? Keep those emails waiting for at least some time.

Instead, spend some quality time listening to good music which will not only give you a break, but it will also help you in destressing.

Retiring too soon: The moment you start working, you dream of that day when you will hang your boots and sit back and relax. Before you start planning and saving up for that early retirement of yours, please think twice. Unless you can work and have the body carry on with everyday work, do not retire.

Research suggests that early retirement reduces the number of years from your healthy life. Not only this, those who retire early also pick up unhealthy habits which include smoking as well as drinking too much. A suggestion for you, retire only when you cannot work at all.

When you hate your job: We understand the importance of money when it comes to keeping a job. However, you should make sure that you love your job so that you can stay healthy and concentrate on work as much as possible. If you are stuck in a job which you simply hate, it will only end up driving you crazy and affect your mental as well as emotional health. Stress and exertion will become an everyday affair.

Thus, we would suggest that you leave the job you hate as soon as possible and find something that you absolutely love and something that will give you peace and happiness.

Long travel hours: Every day when you get up and get ready for work, your worst nightmare is the traffic that you will be facing while reaching work. Well, if you are stuck in a job where most of your time is spent in commuting, you are affecting your health in an adverse way. It increases your stress levels and makes you slightly more cynical at work.

We would suggest you find a job which is not hours away and is only a few minutes away so that you can have a peaceful day in and out of work.

Unhealthy relationships with coworkers: We are humans and we desperately need to have some human contact everywhere we go. No matter how aloof you like being, it is always great to have a friend to talk to. Same goes for work! It is always a good thing to have a colleague that you share an amicable relationship with and can talk about your personal as well as professional issues.

Friendship at workplace only makes you happy and even more motivated to work harder. If you are the one who hates everyone at your workplace, let’s face it, you are in big trouble. It only causes emotional and mental Trouble When you don’t get along with your work buds.

So, it is always wise to keep your relationships with colleagues positive and not hold too many grudges against them.

We hope these points will help you analyze how your workplace is and how you can improve it to make things better for you and your healthy being.

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