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We create some of the most creative, yet impactful Resumes in the world. Take a look at some of our real life case studies and success stories


Learn how GSR customers achieve higher interview conversion rates through these real-life case studies & success stories

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Transformation of a VP - HR Resume

A look at how we transformed the resume of an HR Vice President into a Top Leadership profile.

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Developing a Post-Covid Resume

Hiring all over the world is in full swing, so are the job-seekers, but there are only few who are going the right way with the right Resume. GetSetResumes, being one of the top resume writing companies in India, is helping clients getting their dream jobs with CVs that are Covid ready and reach the interview table. In the last few months we have developed numerous resumes, that seamlessly covered job gaps, and highlighted client’s skills and experience. What follows is a detailed discussion how we helped a client who was laid off during the pandemic, with a complete resume revamp.

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Resume Transformation of a Senior Digital Product Manager

Resume Transformation of a Senior Product Management Leader

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