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Case Study

Hiring all over the world is in full swing, so are the job-seekers, but there are only few who are going the right way with the right Resume. GetSetResumes, being one of the top resume writing companies in India, is helping clients getting their dream jobs with CVs that are Covid ready and reach the interview table. In the last few months we have developed numerous resumes, that seamlessly covered job gaps, and highlighted client’s skills and experience. What follows is a detailed discussion how we helped a client who was laid off during the pandemic, with a complete resume revamp.

Developing a Post-Covid Resume

Introduction about the client

Ramesh is a software tester with about 8 years of experience in the software testing domain. He has worked on multiple projects and has both on-site and off-shore expereince across multiple geographies. He was laid off in Apr 2020, as his employer was going through a cost-cutting process. After multiple failed attempts at job hunting, he came to us in Novemeber 2020, to get his resume tailored. Through our initial discussion with him, he laid out multiple tasks for us:

To deliver as per Ramesh’s expectations, we simultaenously worked on content and the fromat. 



COVID-19 impact on employment in India 2020 by type

Published by Statista Research Department, Oct 16, 2020

Over 119 million Indians lost their jobs, including entrepreneurs and salaried workers. In contrast, agriculture saw an addition of five percent from farmers as compared to the fiscal year 2020.


The pandemic gave a hard time to most salaried employees around the world, while some were totally out of work, some were over-worked, and some even did meager jobs to make the ends meet. The job market hit one of its worst lows ever, and the competition for a single position grew many-fold. After almost a year of shut-down, the economy is opening up, industry giants are hiring, but employment seekers are still higher than ever. In such a scenario, few questions pop up

Solution Delivered

 Appropriate use of graphics

We noticed that Ramesh had a progressive and consistent career, and decided to present this graphically. The idea was to convey his dedication towards the role. The timeline was placed on the very first page to catch the reader’s eye We added some graphic elements to break montonony of the text.



An impactful opening page  

We focused on portyarying the impact of his work, rather than listing down what he did. Instead of following a usual format with a summary and skill set, we created a comprehensive page directed towards showcasing

  • What he has achived so far
  • What he is seeking
  • What skills he dveloped during the gap period
  • The geograpies he covered

We achieved these with the help of a very specefic yet detailed haedline, thoughtfully created sections, and startegic placement of data provided by the client



The ATS optimized summary provied the much needed conetxt about Ramesh’s profile and stituation, simultaneously  putting forth skills, impact and experience. It also includes specific highlights like location, certfiation and job –specefic key words.

The career gap: The most crucial aspect fo this resume is broken down to what Ramesh did and what he learned from it for the recruiter. Thus portraying how Ramesh has bult himself for the new job market in blockchain technology while strengtheining his foothold over testing


The Experience Section

It is the section where you can convey how resourceful you were for your employer. This section generally includes figures, however, we had to optimize it as per Rakesh’s profile. To start with we included all the basic aspects:

  • Job Title
  • Dates Employed
  • Employer and location
  • Responsibilities
  • Keywords

Lets dig deeper:

  • Job Title, Dates Employed, Employer and Location: Not giving a lot of space to the section, we summed up the details in two lines, using formatting tools to set them apart. We followed revrese chronological order so that the reader is able to relate to the timline we provided above.
  • Responsibilities and Keywords: It was important for us to make sure that recruiters get the maganitude of Rakesh’s work at a glance. We therefore stuck to precise one liner bullet points.


Did we forget the Competencies section?

We didn’t!

The core competencies section also called the skill set section, is the most precise yet informative part of the resume. It not only plays an important role in improving ATS visisbility but is also an effectve use of space. 

  • Soft skills: Soft skills are not industry-specefic. Transferable and universal in nature, they include communication, presentation, deciosn making, empathy, coordinatio n and more. These are imune to industry trends and help you throughout your career 
  • Hard skills: These are specefic abilities acquired through education or profession. They are different across industries and evolve with time. One needs to be updated with them as per chnages in industry requeriments

Coming back to Ramesh’ case, we picked the most relevnt ones and stratigically placed them before detailing his experince, thereby summarzing what he brings to the table. 



This cannot be missed, even if you are one among the key decision makers of your company. It chiefly contains 

  • Degree 
  • School 
  • Marks
  • Year of completion
  • Academic Achievements 

Apart from the basic information, you can also include certifications, technical skills, courses, licensures and trainings


What we followed for Ramesh’s Resume

His recent courses were of more importance than his formal college education. 

What’s in?

  • We created a brief section, missed out on details like score and year, because they are not relevant 
  • Clubbed certfications and technical skills to the education


  • Placed it above the career section to draw attention to important courses and technical skills 


The final Resume was a complete transformation from the client’s original one. The post-covid version was more result oriented, specific, and attractive. Continous consultations with the client to understand his expectations and effective use of language and design emelments for the resume led the client to get his dream job in a conjested market. 

GSRs effective use of language helped client in putting out to the notice of the recruiters, a resume that provided hiring managers with a compelling value proposition and positioned him for the position of a Senior Software Tester. In clients own words :

In clients own words :

I am happy with overall service and value created by Get Set Team, special thanks to my consultant who demonstrated complete professionalism throughout this journey.

~ Ramesh Kumar, Senior Software Tester

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