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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Resume Writers and professional coaches will ensure that not only your resume but your entire application to any job exceeds the expectations set by your competitor.

  • What are the services provided?

    We provide Resume Development & Consultation and other Career and Writing Services including writing essays, biographies, portfolios, work graphs, infographics, selection criteria, etc. for jobseekers and professionals. For more details please check out our services page.

  • How do you develop my resume?

    Once you submit your resume, your personal resume writer will be assigned to you. She or he will analyze the information submitted by you.

    After processing the necessary information, the writer will get in touch with you for additional information to enrich your resume. She/he will go through every point you submitted to refine it or add value to it. The process will not only help you get a better resume, but will also help you in getting to know why certain things in the resume are the way they are. Your resume will mostly be completely reworded and formatted according to industry standards.

    Once developed, the CV is submitted for Quality Assurance, where it is proof read by a member of the editorial team. After the CV has been checked and approved on quality parameters of accuracy and presentation, the first draft of your new resume will be sent to you for your approval and suggestions. Your suggestions are then incorporated and the resume is mailed to you for further inputs and approval.

    The process of changing and working on your resume continues till you are completely satisfied with the document. Once we receive your approval on the developed resume, we send you the final draft of the resume as a soft copy.

    You will also receive general consultation on resume to get a better return from your resume.

  • Do I need to register with to avail services?

    No. Registration is not required to avail our services. When you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, we will ask you for your e-mail address which would be saved with us and will be used to identify you for all future transactions and correspondences. You will also be provided with a unique code or Resume ID.

  • What should I do once I decide on package to be taken?

    Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and proceed with the instructions. It’s really that simple. We will only ask you to fill certain fields which will help us in preparing your resume better. You can also choose to skip certain fields if you do not feel the need to give that information.

  • How much will it cost to take the services?

    We charge a nominal fee for working on your resume and providing a superior service. For detailed services and their pricing click here.

  •  Do I need to send you my CV to avail this service?

    Yes. We will need any draft of your Resume to begin our work. If a resume is not available, you will need to send us your information through the form provided on the ‘Submit Your Resume’ page. The more information you share, the better your Resume will come out.

  • What all documents do I need to upload?

    Mostly, just your Resume or CV. But, just in case you want to share any other supporting documents (like a PPT you prepared few years ago or anything else you might have written), you need to mail them to us additionally as we do not allow uploads of zip/rar/tar archives due to security reasons. The email id for this communication will be shared with you by your writer.

  • If I want to send/resend any documents, what should I do?

    Again, mail is the best form of communication in this regard. Send your docs to the email id communicated to you by your resume writer, quoting your Order ID in the mail.

  • How will I know that my resumes are uploaded properly?

    You will get an email once your Resume is uploaded and order is successfully processed. In the event of any unsuccessful transaction, please call us.

  • When will the resume writer contact me?

    Your Resume writer will contact you via email within 24-48 hours of your order placement and schedule a time for a call. The writer may also share an Information Exchange Form with you.

    If you are in India, you can expect a call from the writer within the 24-48 hour window, in addition to the email.

    If you are outside India, the writer will first establish contact with you over email and depending on your preference, you can set up a telephonic call or a call over Whatsapp or Botim (if in GCC) with the writer at a time convenient to both of you.

    If you do not wish to speak, or have the time, you can simply fill up the Information Exchange form and inform the writer to get started.

    Please note the writing team is unavailable on Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) for calls. Our working hours are Mon-Fri – 10AM – 7PM.

  • What is the Information Exchange Form?

    Information Exchange or IE Form is a detailed Questionnaire we share with clients to capture information which is either not present in their resume or is outside the scope of the resume but can help us get the full picture. The form has many questions, all optional. You may fill it up as per your preference and leave the rest. Fields in Yellow or the first page are suggested to be filled.

    If you directly place an order on our website, you will get access to the form on our site itself after successful payment.

  • Is it possible for me to track my order?

    You will receive an e-mail as soon as your order is processed with us. It will contain your Order ID which will be used to track your order when you call our Customer Helpline.

    If something goes wrong during the course of your submission, get in touch with our Customer Helpline numbers given on the website.

  • How do I know the status of the services (open/close) I have purchased?

    That will mostly depend on you. We will not close your request unless you ask us to.

    The initial status can always be check through our Customer Helplines. However, in the event of no communication between you and us for 15 days, we will close the service after intimating you through email.

  • How much time does it take for my resume to get developed?

    Your resume writing process starts only after we receive your full payment and updated resume as well as the Information Exchange Form. Once we receive all of these, the time taken for us to send you the first draft is as per the services you have availed.

    The delivery time for various services is as below:

    Resume Writing – 7-8 working days

    Visual Resume / Infographic – 7-8 working days

    Express Resume Writing – 3 working days

    LinkedIn & Other Supporting Documents are usually written after your resume has been approved and frozen by you

    Upon beginning of the writing process, a confirmation mail regarding the same is sent to your email id post the date of discussion/submission of essential information.

  • Will I get the hard copy of my developed resume?

    We send you the resume as both DOC & PDF in your email. You can easily take a printout.

  • Can I meet or speak to my resume writer?

    Of course! All customers will receive pre-development call from the resume writer to gather inputs. Once you have availed our writing services, you can have multiple telephonic interactions with your writer. Also, customers can communicate through email post the pre-development interaction.

    If you are located in or near Delhi / NCR, you can also come and meet us at our office during operational hours.

    It is suggested that your calls with the writer are pre-scheduled over email so that both you and your writer are comfortable and prepared. Unscheduled calls may not be answered if the writer is busy on another call with another customer. It is also suggested that your inputs are shared over email so that they can be recorded.

  • What is the maximum number of iterations allowed?

    With our commitment to your satisfaction, we allow multiple iterations until you are completely satisfied with your resume but it is advised that you have a clear view about your requirements and convey the same to our consultant in a timely manner to avoid delays and ensure quicker delivery of your documents. To avoid confusion, it is highly suggested that your inputs are clearly articulated and shared over email.

    Please note that iterations and revisions can take upto 3-4 working days.

  • Will I receive PDF or word version of visual resume?

    During iterations with writer, you will receive only a word version to enable easy editing. Once you approve your resume, you will receive PDF version of the resume.

  • Can I see sample of visual resume before I pay?

    Yes, you can see samples before paying. Click Here to see some samples

  • Will you seek my approval before you finalize my resume?

    Yes, we will finalize your resume only after you have approved the same over email.

  • Once I finalize my resume, can I ask for modifications again?

    Yes, we provide 6 months of after sales support. You can let us know the changes and we will incorporate the same in your drafts without additional charges.

    Changes and modifications should not constitute a requirement change. For example, if you get a resume prepared for a Sales profile, you cannot ask for it to be changed to Marketing – that would constitute a Requirement change, and not a modification. Also Format changes are not covered in the 6 months support period.

  • How is visual resume different from text resume?

    Visual resume or Infographic Resume has all the benefits that come with our text resume writing service. Additionally, visual resume contains graphic representations of your key highlights and skills to create a visual impact on recruiters.

  • What is the difference between visual resume and infographic resume?

    Essentially both mean the same thing. A minor variation is that an Infographic does not contain detailed information in textual form. However, Visual Resume has both visual representations of key highlights as well as detailed information in text form.

  • What is the recruiters’ feedback on visual resume?

    Recruiters from various industries who hire for different experience levels find visual resumes reader friendly, innovative and authentic.

    If you are applying directly (not through Job Portals), both Visual / Infographic resumes are known to have a very strong effect on recruiters and hiring decision makers.

  • I am not from a creative field like visual or performing arts. Will a Visual CV be still useful for me?

    Yes, visual resume is useful for any industry and role. Whether you are in engineering, sales, marketing, finance, IT, media or any other field, you can make that additional impact amongst recruiters with a visual resume. Our Visual resume formats have been developed after taking inputs from recruiters in various industries.

  • Can I get my resume faster?

    Yes. You can choose from our express delivery options for the Resume. We have 2 options

    3-Day Express – Resume is delivered in 3 working days from the receipt of all information

    1-Day Express – Resume is delivered in 1 working day from the receipt of all information

    Please note that this option is only available for the Resume or your primary service. The rest of the services will be delivered under normal timelines as communicated by your consultant.

    If you need all your services delivered as Express, please get in touch with the Sales team.

  • When will I get my LinkedIn profile and other documents?

    Work on your LinkedIn profile and other documents (like cover letter, biography, etc.) is initiated after we have a written approval from you on the finalisation of your Resume. These documents can take anywhere between 1-7 working days from the date of initiation. Please ask your consultant to communicate the exact timelines to you over email.

  • Can we communicate over WhatsApp instead of email?

    Email remains our standard form of communication because

    1. Emails can be tracked and also order status can be tracked through emails

    2. Email conversations are recorded and stay in one place

    3. Files and attachments stay where they are and can be retrieved later

    4. Meetings are scheduled over email

    While our writers are available for general whatsapp communication, we do not recommend sharing of documents or crucial information related to the delivery of your services over WhatsApp.

    We also do not recommend whatsapp conversations to maintain a healthy balance betweek work and personal time for our writers and clients.

  • Will someone inform us when our resume is done?

    Sorry but that won’t be possible. We work with a lot of clients simultaneously and it is practically impossible to ensure all clients are informed whenever we send a file or modification to them.

    The delivery dates are marked by the writers in advance and you will need to check your email on that date (+/- a few hours) to ascertain if the files have been received. You can always connect with your writer consultant over email or call to get a more accurate status of your service delivery and files.

Confused about which Services to select? Request a call back and our Sales team will help you out.