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Our packages and individual services ​are designed to help you overcome any fears or anxieties of face-to-face meetings and instil self confidence so that you create and grab opportunities to win any interview.

Professional Resume Writing Service in India

Since 2011, Get Set Resumes has been engaged in writing quality resumes, and CVs for professionals in all parts of India. From Chandigarh to Delhi, from Jaipur to Mumbai, from Pune to Bangalore, from Jaipur to Ahmedabad, and from Kolkata to Hyderabad to Chennai, we work with clients from PAN India daily.

Professional Resume Writing Services: We hire full-time in-house resume writers and consultants to work on your resumes and other career documents ensuring the tiniest details are not missed and all information provided is incorporated. What you get in turn is a tailor made, customised resume that speaks for you in job interviews. Moreover, our resume writing service offers you unlimited revisions, 6 months of support, international level formats, and unlimited consultation calls - everything at competitive prices. Once you decide to work with our resume writing service, you will not go anywhere else.  

Billed as one of the oldest and top resume writing service company in India, we work with students and experienced white-collared professionals in finding their dream job through a well-crafted resume. Our CV formats and resume templates are the best in the world and can beat any automated online resume builder or resume maker anywhere. We keep revising and rebuilding our resume formats regularly. 

Our resumes are designed in a way that helps candidates get to the job interview table faster than your peers.

More calls > More Interviews > Greater chance of conversion. 

We revise our resume writing strategy based on current market trends every 6 months. That is why, after every 6 months, you will notice a new resume template added to our inventory by our expert professional CV writers.

GetSetResumes -  The Best Resume Writing Company In India 

Since the year 2011, GetSetResumes Or GSR, as popularly known, recorded its name as one of the best resume writing services. The birth of GetSetResumes was based on the fact that the market needed genuine resume writing services in India! While there are other career service providers in the Indian market, either their services were too substandard to avail or they were only interested in making money, without paying heed to the needs of the customers. Thus, it was when GetSetResumes were introduced in the career industry with a customer-centric approach, which values clients and their needs above everything.

Throughout all these years, we have been providing a range of different career services to our clients such as Resume writing, creating portfolios and Infographics, developing LinkedIn portal files and many more. GetSetResumes have been delivering quality services to their clients from various fields such as Accounting, Finance, Administration, Law, Management and many more. With us at your service, you will be able to land your dream jobs while also learning something new each day that will surely help you in your career.

Our Resume Writing Services

Working with clients from the English-speaking world such as India, Australia, Singapore, etc, we at GetSetResumes deliver quality services to our clients at affordable prices. With our in-house trusted and skilled writers with years of experience, our resume writing services will get you the best job that is suitable for you. Our experienced and skilled writers develop and create the best resume for our clients. We only write HR-approved, analytically driven and ATS-compliant resumes.

With the best resume writing services in India, you will be able to have a consultation session with our Expert Resume Writers! Hire us today and land yourself your dream job with us! Your satisfaction is our mission.

Top #1 Resume Writing Service in India 

At GetSetResumes, one of the best and most popular resume writing services in India, with their in-house room of expert writers, provides different types of resume writing services to their clients. With our resume writing services, you can overcome your fears and land yourself a handsome paying job by cracking the toughest of interviews. Below are the kinds of resumes we make for our clients to instill self-confidence in them.

1. Text Resume 

With our panel of expert writers, we provide our clients with the best text resume writing services in India. With our in-house experts, we believe that stuffing the resumes with huge information won’t do good. Thus, we provide enough information on behalf of our clients which represents their strengths and expertise in a professional manner. With our customer-centric approach, you can avail personal consultation with our experts, with 6 months of support from us. Hire us today and get our experts to write your resume with proper use of keywords! Bag the opportunity and on your dream job with us.


2. International Resume

If you are someone who is planning to move to a new country, your current resume may not be the perfect fit for you to bag a job abroad! Countries such as the US and Australia have different needs which need to be catered to when it comes to resume writing. With our best resume writing services in India, we aim to build the best international resume for our clients that help them to get a suitable high paying job in the foreign!

With our in-house experts, we provide resume writing services in India for countries such as Australia, the Middle East, US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. With GetSetResumes, you get a 2-10 page Resume based on the country you have decided on. Additionally, you are also entitled to get a cover letter as well with the high-quality language. Hire us today and get unlimited support from us to bag the best opportunity waiting for you abroad.


3. Visual/ Infographic Resume

In the modern world, visual resumes are in trend with graphics and digital art! With GetSetResumes, you can avail the services of our Visual / Infographic resume writing services in India. With our expert creators employed solely for your service, they create resumes that tell a tale about your career graph in a professional manner. While other resume writing services believe in stuffing the resume with tons of graphics, we love to keep it simple!


4. LinkedIn Profile Writing

At GetSetResumes, you can get your LinkedIn profile innovated in the best and most professional way! Just share your career details with us and get a keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile with 6 months' support! You ask for it, we deliver it.


5. Cover Notes / Intro Emails

While resumes are in trend, it is important to understand that sending a cover letter every time you sit for an interview is equally important. Additionally, you should have customized Cover letters for different jobs. The cover letters tell about you and your career to the interviewers in a crisp and professional manner which incites interest in the minds of the interviewer about you! With the best resume writing services in India, you get optimized cover notes with thank-you letters that reflect your etiquette.


6. Executive Biographies

 With GetSetResumes, you will get a word document of your professionally written biography, with high-quality language and vocabulary to reflect professionalism.


7. Online CV Hosting

With the world going digital, why should you stay back? With GetSetResumes' resume hosting services, get yourself an URL address for your resume, valid for two years. You can host your text or infographic resume here.


8. Executive Portfolios or Elevator Pitches

 With GetSetResumes, you can get an elevator pitch portfolio, reflecting your career graph in a more detailed way with a focus on your past job roles, besides coverage of major milestones and achievements.


9. Video Resumes

At GetSetResumes, you can get a high-quality HD video resume that tells a tale about your education, experience and skills. We offer video shooting at premises with high-quality graphics.


10. Resume VCards

With our resume VCards service, you get pocket-sized resumes that showcase your career graph and skills and interests in a tight and crisp manner. You will also get a QR Code that will lead your prospective employer to your hosted resume or LinkedIn profile


Why Opt For GetSetResumes Resume Building Service?

With our in-house panel of experts, we at GetSetResumes, the best resume writing services in India provide our clients with the best resume that matches their work experience, and job roles, and helps them to bag the best opportunity they dreamt of! With our customer-centric approach, you get consultation Sessions with your personal resume builder. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Hire us today and land your dream job with us!


When you work with us, you work with THE Best Professional Resume Writing Service in India. Period.


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  • One Resume or CV in a Professional Format
  • ATS Friendly Resume
  • Well Structured with Information placed strategically
  • Showcases your Career Path
  • Keyword Rich Resume that is Search Engine Optimised
  • 100% complete document with missing details filled
  • Keyword optimised and Job Search Engine / ATS optimised
  • Editable File with easily addable sections
  • Tailor made resumes for freshers, new, mid & senior level professionals
  • 6 months’ support, absolutely free of cost (*FAQs).
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 100% Money Back Guarantee, 100% Confidentiality Guaranteed (*FAQs)

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