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Case Study

A look at how we transformed the resume of an HR Vice President into a Top Leadership profile.

Transformation of a VP - HR Resume

Introduction about the client

The client is a Senior Human Resources Professional having an accomplished career in handling Organizational Development, Human Resource Management and Operational Leadership. We quickly had a look at her resume and realized it already resembled our questionnaire where the original seven pages provided in-depth chronological information of how she spent her time over the past 23 years.



Issues Identified

Apart from the fact that her original resume resembled a questionnaire or a personal detail form, we also identified the following issues:

Some other issues that we noticed will be addressed while providing the solutions.

Addressing the Challenge

Now we already had a resume which was filled with all kind of information, so we decided to skip the IE form and instead scheduled a one-one call with the client to understand her point-of-view, focus area or industry, targeted role, future plans and initials expectations of the client from the first draft. We found her a bit confused regarding how she should portray her vast experience and therefore guided her to select the best information and avoid the ‘not-so-relevant’ information. Also, the challenge ahead for us was to extract the necessary quantifiable information from the client to back her work experience. We recognized her need of a resume that ultra-focused on her HR abilities with focus on management of relatively complex and large HR initiatives.

Solution Delivered

  • Following our process we first ensured that unnecessary sections and information were omitted from the resume. Now, we only had the most relevant and crucial information at hand.
  • Post removing the unnecessary information, we added a box at the top which provided the personal details, targeted role and a single powerful sentence that effectively communicated what the client had been doing over the years.
  • Next, we tried to build a positive personality of the client for the recruiters & professionals by giving a brief overview of the various skills obtained and management & execution abilities showcased in the next two paragraphs. The skills part wasn’t stressed upon at all by the client in her initial resume. This was necessary since a lot of recruiters use advanced technology/ applications to arrive at the decision of whether the candidate is a right fit or not – for which having the right amount/quantity/number and properly written technical skills is necessary.
  • Post this, the career Abstract section provided a befitting end to our initial purpose of creating a positive frame of mind about the client. Key bullets showcasing her extensive experience in HR leadership further pushed her case for job consideration.
  • Coming to the most important section of the resume i.e., ‘work experience’, the initial resume provided to us consisted of description which was inconsistent and content wise, at time consisted of both strong & weak bullets. The client agreed to our suggestion of presenting the most recent work experience in a detailed manner while prior experience were explained in a brief manner (the purpose & weight that individual experience carried was not lost while representing it in a concise way). This greatly helped in limiting the resume document to 2 pages.
  • The first work experience was properly defined; consisting of company name, company description, scope of work, duration, roles & responsibilities performed and the key milestones achieved
  • Experiences prior to 2005, stressed on the individual HR role performed followed by a short description answering the What, When and How of the job.
  • The scope properly defined the huge responsibility entrusted by the organization on the client.
  • The last section talked about Academics, Professional courses & trainings pursued by the client in the last 20+ years.


The initial information & resume furnished was now completely transformed into the document which focused specifically on the results delivered by the client. The original resume presented her as mid-level HR professional but through proper collaboration & communication we effectively delivered a resume that swiftly conveyed her vast HR experience and enabled her to successfully compete for senior-level HR positions.

GSRs effective use of language helped client in putting out to the notice of the recruiters, a resume that provided hiring managers with a compelling value proposition and positioned her for the senior HR management roles and opportunities. Our collaboration with her did not just end there as we also attended her requests of adding company logos later. Impressed by our work and dedication she also gave us an order to prepare a PowerPoint presentation demonstrating her career achievements in brief. In her own words:

In clients own words :

Very happy with the outcome and extremely impressed with how accommodating these guys were with all the alterations mentioned and took the suggestions seriously.

~ Sneha Sharma, Vice President, HR

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