Extracurricular activities are a great way to feature your passion and individuality. This also gives an idea about your expanded array of skills in different fields. Now, your question must be why do I have to include myself in various activities and not just be consistent with one? You see in this fast-paced world; recruiters not only require your skill in the said position but also your interest in learning new things. This will give them an idea about your personality. This shows that you do not restrict yourself when it comes to acquiring new knowledge.

We understand that resume writing in India can be a little challenging. Why? Because our study culture has been set in such a way that it is quite monotonous and restricts students from exploring their interests. But when we come to the employers, they demand an array of skillset in different fields. The type of extra-curricular activities can vary from person to person.

Now the confusion arises as to why to include any extra-curricular activities in the resume?

If you are a fresher and have no job experience in the applied field your extra-curricular activities can get you a few extra points. It can help you to an extent that you might surpass an experienced being just with one unique activity as such.it can land you in an influential job and fast-forward your promotion in the same. The benefits are countless, you just have to do your part.

For example – You have learned Spanish as an activity, you are fresh out of college and applied for a job that deals with Spanish people. It is quite obvious that you will get the first preference due to your indulgence in the required language. Keep in mind that a foreign language is extensively approved in resume writing in India.

Some Extra-Curricular Activities That You Can Add To Your Resume

  • Volunteering

Employers are attracted to the notion of getting their company to a social level. They need someone who is well aware of society and has experience in social service. This will help then put a proper strategy to make a positive difference in the society as well as get assistance and recognition from the government. So, if you have volunteered for any social activity like clean up camps, plantation programs, teaching orphan or economically unstable kids and adults, provided work training to the same or volunteered in any health awareness camps do mention it in your resume. This will create an impression of the assistance you will provide to your company which visualizes for a better environment.

  • Tutoring/Mentoring

If you provide tuition to students on various subjects or just one subject you have a good command of, this will give your employers an idea about your self-sufficiency and responsibility. We all know, teaching or mentoring is not only about providing classes, it’s also about taking responsibility and caring for others. This also throws light on your command over a subject.

  • Sports

Sports is one of the best extra-curricular activities you can include in your resume. Sports alone tell a lot about you in person. This means you have an understanding of teamwork. It also signifies your acquired experience in leadership skills. Sports in your resume represent your immense time management skills. Despite choosing such an engaging profession you still managed your time and indulged yourself with sports. Now, resume writing in India asks you to add this particular activity. Sports is a serious activity which requires concentration, focus and hard work which will impress your employers. Furthermore, it extensively talks about one’s competitive spirit and communication skills.

  • Arts

When we come to this category it extensively talks about one’s creativity, something an employer desires in his/her employee. Any participation in school/college debates will say more about your confidence and communication skills. Any participation in a content/creative writing competition will let your employer believe you in the creative department. So not only they are getting a skilled employee in their profession but also someone who has ventured into the creative world which will be a great asset to the company in their future endeavors. Incorporating this in your resume might earn you a good impression despite the lack of your experience.

  • Foreign languages

Not only language is a great skill to acquire but also it has a lot of other benefits to it. If you are someone without professional experience, command over a foreign language will surely land you the job. Companies seek employees who speak in a foreign language. The reason behind this is the desire to expand their business to other countries. Adding this to your resume will make you their most valuable asset. This will talk about your dedication and determination to venture into completely different territory. No doubt it will talk about your interpersonal skills too.

  • Work/study

There are many academies that offer work and study benefits. If you are someone who already availed that then you are definitely in for a treat. Now, this will talk about your self-sufficiency and glorious time management skills. This will also give you credit points for multitasking and critical analysis of a situation. Your hold on dealing with struggles will be added to it. This enhances your ability to work hard and passionately. Including your work/study experience in your resume will astonish your employer, be rest assured of that.

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