Everything was passing pretty good, the world was growing, the underdeveloped countries were developing , the employment was accelerating but then there came the havoc of CoronaVirus and the blooming dreams flipped upside down. Talking about India, 86% of the population faced job uncertainties. Whereas in Britain, Australia and the US this percentage is 33, 41 and 71 respectively. However, the economies of the globe are slowly struggling to switch back on the track. But, saying anything about stability as of now is really difficult. The minor sign of relief is that in the current times of pandemic a few sectors are emerging in the form of hope. With the vaccine out and stock market surging, there is hope that new jobs would likely emerge in the coming months.

Let us have a quick view of the Job outlook for 2021- Post-Covid.

India’s big picture

At the present era, India is holding the population of 138 crores. Among which 74% of the majority is labelled as working. According to the reports of CMIE approximately, 12 crore in India, unfortunately, waved goodbye to their concerned jobs. Not just that but the economy of the country still trying to cope up somehow with the beast called Covid-19. The bleakest part of the existing reality is before Covid-19, 3.4 crore Indians were working in the organised sector to sustain their livelihood. But right after the hit of the terrible virus, this section of the population is also sitting entirely idle at their homes.

The Next League of Employment

Well, it’s always better to focus on the future instead of crying for the past. What is gone is gone, all we can do is make our tomorrow better. Hence, every one of us should now step forward to the next league of employment. There are a few streams which are showing tremendous scope, during this post covid-19 scenario. We are here to discuss it with all of you for enlightening the phase of job opportunities in 2021.

1. Distinction of Data Literacy

You probably are hearing about this word for the very first time. But there is no sign of doubt that the option of making a full fledged career in data literacy is opening for all of the job seekers. Basically, data literacy is the ability of comprehending and communicating through data for the sake of managing various channels. The most crucial head is that data literacy comprises a phenomenal space in Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, if you are the one who is truly into the sphere of A.I. then you can feel free to count up on data literacy.

2. Captivation of Cyber Security

It’s been a long while now, the career category of cyber security is a vacuum. Specifically, when it comes to India, the youngsters stay inclined towards the sides of software or mechanical or civil engineering. However, the knock of coronavirus is changing the faces all around. This is the reason why we can say that cyber security is acting as the backbone of all the sub sectors. Since, every employee is working remotely the responsibility of securing extensive data becomes mandatory. Thus, you can swing for cyber security for marking up a sorted career pick during these years of pandemic.

3. Brilliance of Blogging

It is needless to say that blogging is one of the most convenient alternatives when it is about finding the sources of income amidst the coronavirus. However, the life of a blogger is not that easy as it appears; it also requires a long array of effort plus patience. But if we conclude as a whole, the element of blogging is still worth opting. All you are supposed to do is find your kind of niche and move on to gather expertise in the associated field.

4. Expertise of Home call services

No, we are not at all kidding. In fact the home call services are witnessing a strong boom in the midst of this unbearable pandemic. The services like- chef on call, electrician on call, meal delivery on call are topping the charts all over the earth. You see, at the present unsafe situation people are avoiding to go out frequently, as a result the home call startups are standing the saviour for all of the residents.

5. Opportunities in Online Academics

Who have never heard about ventures like- Byjus or Unacademy? Well these two communities are proving that online academics is the thing that is weaving miracles in the present circumstances. Precisely, if you have any sort of interest in the direction of teaching then you can put your hands on the appointment as an online teacher. Right after selecting your area of specialization.

Final Words

Hopefully, we all will cross it over quite soon. We presented our take of the job outlook for 2021- Post Covid. Let’s see if it ends up to be helpful for you or not. Keep trying, keep winning. Follow the crux of our blog and figure out the best range of your skills.

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