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When a person starts to look for a job or wishes to switch his current job to a better work profile or a better work environment, their resume plays an important role. A candidate’s resume is their first impression in front of the recruiter or senior authorities, making or breaking their chances of going ahead with the next rounds.

Completing internships or possessing the necessary work experience is not enough to impress the recruiter. You have to use specific words and phrases to exhibit your leadership skills as required by the job profile, which will allow the recruiter to take a long look at your resume among the thousands he/she may receive.

Some words have the most impact upon the reader, while others do not engage the reader. So, applying for a job must be conscientious about the words he will use in the resume.

Here are some of the crucial words you might love to use to make an impression on the person reading your resume or having an interview with you.

Words that exhibit your influential capacity

A person having leadership qualities carries a different charisma from him. He/she have a tremendous capability to influence people in an organization positively. They know how to get people to do what they want, whether their team members, stakeholders or direct customers.

Some of the words that show your influential capacity on people are:

  1. Negotiated – This word shows the ability of healthy discussion among the candidate. It also reflects upon his/her ability to discuss matters with people having disparate opinions. The recruiter would be happy to admit candidates who have healthy discussion habits.
  2. Convinced – This word shows the candidate’s ability to convince others on valid points. This would help in safeguarding the organization’s values, along with taking the whole team together. This convincing power of the candidate would allow him/her to impact the team as a whole positively.
  3. Prompted – This word in the resume would showcase that the candidate is not self-centric in his motives. Rather, he tries to take everybody to a growth curve he wishes to achieve.
  4. Mobilized – this word in the resume would showcase that the candidate is always motivated for some more significant cause and tries to achieve that higher level in every task. The recruiter admires such motivated candidates.
  5. Propelled – this word shows that the candidate helps other people to make the right decisions in their life. This shows the team-spirit of the candidate.

Words that exhibit you are a strong developer of people.

If you apply for a leadership role, your job’s significant aspect will involve inspiring and developing teams with integrity. This relationship-building habit of yours will go a long way in building you a leader, as a leader needs good communication skills and healthy relations with his/her team.

Some of the words and phrases that depict your ability to inspire people are:

  1. Coached – ‘Coached’ shows that the candidate can teach other people about anything he knows and does not keep his knowledge.
  2. Mentored – ‘Mentored’ shows that the candidate guides other people, his/her juniors, on anything he is an expert.
  3. Supported – This word indicates the candidate’s ability to support other team members and support the pillars of the company.
  4. Ignited – This word shows that the candidate can ignite the passion among others to follow their dreams, to follow what they want they achieve.
  5. Motivated – ‘Motivated’ indicates that the candidate is himself motivated and also motivates others to do what is right for them. It helps them to choose the right thing even if it is difficult.

Words and phrases showing your ability to manage money

Money matters become an essential component of showing your leadership skills in most cases. How a person handles money shows how well he can manage other aspects of a business too. His/her ability to smartly take decisions on fiscal matters shows how well they can handle an organization and its budgetary nuances.

Some of the words and phrases that depict your money management skills are:

  1. Budgeted – ‘Budgeted’ helps to identify the candidate and his ability to manage money efficiently.
  2. Drove growth – ‘Drove growth’ shows the candidate’s ability to think and drive the organization’s growth. Any organization would love to hire an individual who promises to upsurge the growth of the organization.
  3. Reduced – ‘Reduced’ shows the recruiter that the candidate could reduce any field’s negative factors. For example, a candidate might have reduced the company’s website’s bounce rate, which eventually resulted in tremendous growth.
  4. Invested – ‘Invested’ shows that the candidate shows interest in investing his time and money into things that would result in more significant returns in the future. The return on investments will decide if the candidate is thinking in the right direction or not in the investment arena.
  5. Negotiated – This shows the candidate’s ability to work out different scenarios in different situations as per the requirement. The ability to hammer out a plan is an excellent quality which a company demands.
  6. Cut costs – This would be of tremendous help. It shows the recruiter the candidate’s ability to cut the costs and make huge revenues which is a considerable leadership quality.

Writing a resume is an art, and people who are moving ahead in their career needs to learn it. Resume building plays an integral part in a candidate’s application process as it is the first step towards selection. I hope this was helpful, and it assists you in landing your dream job. All these leadership qualities are a must for a person who is looking for a similar background job. Leadership skills are not just required in a particular type of job but almost in every job. These skills will remain lifelong and help you tackle problems at every step of your life. Mentioning the above crucial words will make your resume stand different from the thousands of resumes the companies receive every day.

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