In today’s fast-paced modern life, there are numerous potential job seekers in the market striving for new jobs and posts. Creating a LinkedIn profile helps you get an edge as compared to your competitors and paves your way to getting hired for your dream job. There are multiple sources used by recruiters for hiring the right candidates but LinkedIn remains their top preference to date. The LinkedIn platform helps you build valuable connections and grow your career. It is a professional networking site and not only a job board, which not only helps you acquire jobs but also aids in fostering long-term connections.

LinkedIn is available in more than 200 countries with millions of members across the globe, thus creating a large professional community. This article describes some useful LinkedIn profile writing tips that will help you stand out from the crowd. Here are the tips as follows:

1. Add a Head-Start and Complete your Profile

To begin with, once you have created your LinkedIn account, LinkedIn guides you through the process of building it up by adding all your details to achieve a complete profile. The simplest thing one can do is add a face to their name by uploading a presentable profile picture. Ensure the picture is a recent one and clicked in a professional manner. Do not be camera conscious as a good picture increases your chances of being contacted and hired by a recruiter. This is the very first impression people will get from your page.

2. Don’t forget to add an Eye-Catching Headline

The next step post uploading your profile picture is mentioning an eye-catching headline. Your headline is positioned just below your name on your LinkedIn profile and is one of the very first things any visitor would view. The default settings will fill this statement for you to your current education or job position. Consider this section as a small advertisement of yourself and how you are branding yourself. So give a complete creative description within the 120 characters you have.

3. Write an Interesting Summary (About Section)

Your LinkedIn profile gives you a chance to tell your story. The summary can be more descriptive than your headline. Here you have 2000 characters through which you can give a better insight into what you are and what you do. Bear in mind keywords are crucial here and use words that strongly connect to your field. You can use this section to describe yourself, your work experience and give a brief summary of your unique self and your career journey so far. Keep it precise and paint a creative picture of who you are as a professional. Ensure to use professional language and see to it that you write grammatically correct sentences and give a good description of your professional self. One can take examples from the Internet.

4. Highlight and Mention your Work-Experience

Do include your work experience and jobs you’ve worked in before to highlight your knowledge and experience. Include and showcase any jobs that you deem relevant to your career. Use two to four bullet points for each job you include. It makes your profile look impressive. Be descriptive and mention not only what you did within each job role but also what you have accomplished in each position. Mention the time frame in which you have been in that particular position for that respective job role. Highlight the impact you’ve made and the results you’ve delivered during your role at that respective position.

5. Make Use of Visual Media

As we all know humans are visual by nature. Graphics often catch the eye. Adding visual media can enhance your LinkedIn profile further. You can add a profile picture, a cover photo, this is a simple trick that makes your profile stand out. Find relevant themes and pictures related to your profession. LinkedIn also has a special feature that allows you to connect other media to your profile; be it links from Behance, YouTube, and others. You can add pictures and videos to feature them to your profile. So get going and get creative enough with relevant media to add to your LinkedIn page.

6. Customize your URL (Universal Resource Locator):

Your LinkedIn URL is the web address for your profile. The default URL will have your name and some numbers with it but make it more relevant. You can edit this by going to the right side of your profile. You will spot an ‘Edit Your Public URL’; use this option to make your URL more precise.

7. Start Making Valuable Connections

You must keep growing your connections and expanding your network. LinkedIn has a system of first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree connections. Having a lot of connections increases your visibility. It is recommended to connect with known individuals who know personally or are linked to you via a professional circle. Connect with the right people with a purpose.

8. Ask for Endorsements

LinkedIn has a section where you can add your relevant skills. Requesting your colleagues and professional mentors to endorse you over them is a great idea. This gives the recruiter a positive and better image of you. Endorsing your peers always shows that you got their backs. The more the endorsements, the higher the chances are a recruiter might prefer you. It shows you have a good social and professional circle and you are liked by most of your colleagues and mentors.

9. Ask for Recommendations

Think of people with whom you have developed good working relations during the past. Getting recommendations and positive feedback from mentors and colleagues make your profile look complete and gives the recruiter a positive idea of you. On editing your profile, there is a link to click on asking for recommendations. You can choose from your list of connections and request your peers to give you a recommendation. It is a delight for a recruiter to read some positive feedback about you to get a better understanding. You can also take the help of LinkedIn profile writing services that can boost your profile and help you land jobs easily just at the mere click of a button.


These are some of the keys to making your LinkedIn profile stand out. Also, ensure to be active on your profile. Keep it up to date always. This is a great professional networking site to network with other professionals and also land you a favourable job that you are seeking. This article comprises some pivotal tips one must consider in order to build their LinkedIn profile in order to amass success and land up in their dream job.

LinkedIn comes with many more features for employees and employers, thus making it one of the best and most used professional networking and recruiting sites.  LinkedIn profile writing services are a must to seek jobs in today’s modern world.

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