It is not everybody’s cup of tea to write the resume for a technologist. Things go really out of hand when that technologist happens to have a C in her title! And then it starts to get confusing. Especially when there is a dotted line between similar roles, like that of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

So why does it get confusing? Let’s try and clear the air.

To start with, here’s a basic definition. A CTO is a Technology or Software Creator (at the senior most level), while a CIO is a Technology Enabler. So, while the CTO makes new technology, a CIO ensures that the CTO gets the relevant infrastructure in place so that the tech can be created.

In other words, a CTO’s role is to create tech products for EXTERNAL use, while a CIO’s role is to create technology that can be used INTERNALLY.

Point by Point Role Differentiation

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Leads the organisation’s technology infrastructure
  • Accountable for ensuring smooth internal IT operations and functions
  • Aligns business operations and processes with IT infrastructure and related technology
  • Works with internal customers (who can be software developers, app developers, architects, CTOs)
  • Responsible for improving the bottom line (profit) through efficient use of technology
  • Generally started career as System Administrator or as Tech Support
  • Leads the creation of new software and technology products (like apps, games, portals) for external users
  • Serves as the core architect for the products and the top most manager of the engineering team
  • Works for external customers and uses feedback, metrics to drive product innovation and improvements
  • Can create new technology stack for the development of innovative capabilities
  • Is responsible for increasing revenues (top line) for the organisation
  • Generally started career as Software Developer or Software Test Engineer or Programmer or R&D Engineer


Let’s see some examples of how a CIO would frame her resume summary v/s how a CTO would frame her’s.

Summary for a CIO Resume

CIO Resume Summary

Summary for a CTO Resume

CTO Resume Summary

These are just examples. Not to be construed as actual resume summaries. Use your own discretion.

I hope the two designations would make more sense now 🙂

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