A well-written resume and cover letter need to be more than a concise summary of your work experiences and instructional background. Whoever reads your resume needs to come away with an overarching sense of your development, your aspiration, and your ability to adapt to new environments and circumstances.

If you do not have a great deal of work experience or if the work experience you have does not seem to appear pertinent to the task you are looking for, there is another angle to consider taking when writing your resume – highlight your intellectual interest and your ability at acquiring brand-new abilities.

Webinars, Tutorials, and Online Courses

Beyond finding new abilities appropriate to certain jobs and professions, taking part in webinars, tutorials, and online courses other essential worth. Your participation shows to a potential employer your determination or passion to learn. This is very important to any and all tasks. And it is a characteristic all employers search for in the prospects they are reviewing.

How to present your attendance

You have a couple of alternatives as to how you want to present the webinars, tutorials, or online course you have finished.

  • A dedicated section on your resume – This area could be headed ‘Tutorials and webinars’, depending on the information you place in the section. You could include dates along with the variety of hours or days you invested in finishing the course or webinar.
  • Highlight courses related to the skills acquired – If you have an area of your resume labeled ‘Skills’ or ‘Tools’, tag each skill listed with the matching course or tutorial that enabled you to get the ability or master the appropriate tool.
  • The ‘Personal’ field can point to your general interest in the webinars and tutorials you’ve completed.


Training courses that provide conclusion certificates can be an outstanding way to show your prospective company or recruiter that you have the desire and ability to acquire new skills and knowledge.

While it’s essential to level up your career by training, it is also crucial to present the training you’ve gone through in the best possible method. Regardless of what skills or knowledge the training gives you, the easy truth that you finished the training program should, if presented well, notify the employer that you are ambitious, intellectually curious and you possess the desire and ability to obtain brand-new skills.

Some of the more popular online training platforms include:

Udemy – 130,000 online courses, geared for coding, software application development, and web design.

Skillshare – a variety of fields, primarily focused on the artistic and innovative

Future Learn – Free to use, courses created by leaders in their fields 

Volunteer Programs

Given that volunteer programs usually involve organizations or teams, it may not be a bad idea to note the volunteer programs you’ve participated in.

Consult your regional community center or place of worship to find opportunities near you. Furthermore, you can find volunteer programs online. Volunteer programs are an especially good pathway for entry-level social work jobs.

Videos, Pics, Blogs, and Other Creations

There is no scarcity of tools and platforms available. You do not need prior experience to get going. And you will rapidly be able to demonstrate to a recruiter that you possess the desire and the ability to discover brand-new abilities which you have the initiative and curiosity to seek out and give them a try.

Don’t wait for a business to employ you to acquire valuable experience. There is no shortage of online platforms committed to sharing and creating material. These platforms are designed to be easy to use, however, you will still have to learn how to use some of their tools.

Making a video for YouTube is totally free, fairly easy to do, and can even be a great deal of fun. You don’t always need to record yourself, you can edit and splice together currently existing video content to make it your own.

Your resume ought to consist of a list of tools you have learned, the tutorials or training programs you have followed in order to learn these tools, and the links to the productions you’ve made as a result. Remember, your goal should not be to wow the recruiter or prospective company with the content you develop, but rather to show that you are proactive, intellectually curious, and productive.

As basic as it may appear – and it is easy – do not undervalue the impact this sort of initiative and creative and organizational expression can have on employers. Regardless of the position, you are applying for, the possibilities are high that the company will value somebody with the organizational skills and the effort it requires to organize an event.

Create an Event

Regardless of the size or success of your occasion, the easy reality that you organized and hosted an event shows a recruiter or prospective company your willingness, passion, and ability to take initiative, and your organizational abilities.

Think about utilizing social media to arrange and host an occasion. Your occasion can be online or held at a local recreation center, place of worship, and even at a regional coffee shop or dining establishment.

Have a Connection

The connection could be something as easy as a book club or a cooking club. Or you might attempt to raise cash for a charity.

Get a Venue

Restaurants, bars, and worship centers are great locations to hold a little to mid-sized event. You should not require to install any money either. Cafes are more than happy for you to bring them some additional clients.

You can also hold your event online via Zoom or other platforms.

Post it on Social Media

Producing an event page on a social media platform will serve both as an invite and as a promotion for your occasion. It is simple to do. If you have a preference for Facebook or LinkedIn, check out this article there are tutorials online.

The Takeaway

We hope that this article has boosted your confidence and given you some concrete ideas on how you can break into a new job field. We’ve tried to give you some tools for both your resume and cover letter. Your individual gifts and interests can be appealing to the right employer. Best of luck in your endeavors. And be sure to look great for that interview when you land it.

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