1. Dress professionally (Neat formals, well combed hair, clean nails and polished shoes).

  2. Be calm and focused. Positive body language and a positive frame of mind are a must in any interview.

  3. Follow any instructions given by the hiring manager or written on the website, properly.

  4. Always carry multiple copies of your resume. Your resume must be well prepared (it will be once you’ve partnered with us 🙂

  5. Be well prepared about your resume. You should know your resume line by line and you should be able to justify every word written in it.

  6. Be yourself‘– this is the mantra to be successful. Your chances increase dramatically, if you play with your strength rather than trying to be someone else.

  7. Know about the company. Display an ability to work hard to pursue the organization’s goals.

  8. Support your claims with examples to elaborate your skills.

  9. Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes or something you don’t know. Honesty is well appreciated. No one knows everything under the sun and nobody is perfect.

  10. Come Practiced. Practice helps you overcome nervousness. Your communication will be much more effective.

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