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Yoga Instructor - Resume Example & Template

A yoga teacher or instructor is someone who works in yoga studios, gyms, or fitness centres and offers yoga classes. Yoga instructors are health and fitness experts who instruct yoga classes. They teach a variety of meditation, mindfulness, and stretching poses to their students. It is expected of them to be aware of mindful meditation and the use of the Chakra system. They should be full of vitality, inspiration, honesty, meticulousness, and diligence.

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YOGA INSTRUCTOR -leveraging 8+ years of experience

Dynamic, goal-oriented, and motivated highly acclaimed Yoga Instructor who designs yoga and lifestyle programmes that have been demonstrated to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, focus, and general quality of life. Out-of-the-box thinker noted for creative sequencing and the ability to modify the yoga practise for people of different skill levels and ages, as well as those with physical limitations or injuries and a variety of body forms. A caring educator and lifelong learner who is committed to continuing professional development in order to better serve children of all ages, as well as the desire and motivation to make a difference.



  • Proficient to monitor fitness levels and requirements of all participants and designing classes to suit the individual need.
  • Skilled to develop and maintain a professional relationship with participants and ensure an optimal level of customer service.
  • Adept to prepare and promote a schedule for group fitness and assist the participant to attend fitness classes.
  • Competent to perform and demonstrate all yoga exercises to participants and ensure compliance with safety and health standard.
  • Knowledgeably recommended special diets that improved health, increased stamina, or altered weight.
  • Skillfully evaluated the clients' abilities, needs, and physical conditions to develop suitable training programs that met any special requirements.




  • Physical Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Surgical Recovery
  • Muscle Development
  • Orthopaedics
  • Special Needs Patients
  • Empathy
  • Physiology
  • Healthcare Quality Improvement 
  • Clinical Teamwork
  • Aquatherapy
  • Pain Management



Apollo Hospitals, Noida Jan. 2017 – Dec. 2021

Yoga Instructor

  • Created and developed a yoga practice center in front of the beach. Lead yoga classes for all skill levels, from beginning to advanced. Created and implemented specific techniques for private and group therapy yoga ses
  • Instruct students correct posture targeting specific individual needs to ensure maximum benefits and safety.
  • Provide guided meditation to help students center themselves and connect with their highest self.
  • Helped people remember their deeper purpose; helped people create health in their bodies; offered everyday wisdom and a place to relax and take care of themselves.
  • Teaches yoga to employees of the lake county board of developmental disabilities at school.


Seven Consultancy, Greater Noida Jan. 2013 – Aug. 2016

Yoga Instructor

  • Assisted students/clients in improving functioning by building stability in mind, body, and breath as well as the capacity to absorb challenging experiences, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Facilitated yoga classes in a group setting, for all skill levels, including work with specific populations such as adolescents and trauma survivors.
  • Maintain an approachable persona so students always feel comfortable asking questions after class or requesting specific attention to possible problem areas before class.
  • Maintain a level of professionalism to be a positive role model for high school-age young women.
  • Monitored proper execution and form of all members and gently adjusted their positions.
  • Consistently encourage and arouse student curiosity regarding the mind, body, todays and soul.



Education – BEd (Yoga), Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute, 2015



Languages Known: English, French & Hindi 


~References and other documents available upon request ~



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