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Visual Artist - Resume Example & Template

Visual artists are those who use their eyes to communicate with their audience. This type of artist uses a variety of mediums to communicate their emotions. They may express themselves through any medium. They sometimes use carved wood, digital pictures, and installations made from found things to portray their sentiments. They may use water vapour or bee pollen to let the world see their feelings, thoughts, and ideals. They can also opt to work on projects on their own or with studios that make cartoons, develop games, and have a set schedule. A professional who makes art in the form of photos, paintings, sculptures, or graphic designs is known as a visual artist.

Resume of Visual Artist in Text Format


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VISUAL ARTIST -leveraging 7+ years of experience

Accomplished Visual Effects Artist with experience working at industry-leading studios and gaining knowledge in a variety of fields. Created unique worlds, props, objects, characters/creatures, sets, and more for a variety of projects. Dedicated to 3D technology and contributing to it, as the industry plays an increasingly important role in marketing and instructional tools for enterprises. Works collaboratively with a varied team of creative and experienced 3D Artists to optimise the sales, entertainment, and instructional value of products and services.



  • Proficient in training & supervising newly appoint employee in achieving realistic looking effects and help integrating the effects in compositing with cg elements.
  • Accomplished in designing creative materials, including advertisements, media kits, logo and promotional materials for several collaborative projects.
  • Adept in camera layout, animation, and 3D modeling.
  • Skilled in constructing turnarounds, expression sheets, poses, and clothing using graphite and Photoshop.
  • Adroit in assisting less experience fellow artist by providing advice on color theory and Photoshop techniques.




  • Visual Effects 
  • Motion Effects
  • Animation
  • Relationship Building
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Materials
  • Sales Growth
  • Advertising
  • Revenue Generation
  • 3D Renderings
  • Collaboration
  • Time Management



Greenlam Industries Ltd., Noida Jan. 2017 – Feb. 2022

Visual Artist

  • Converted layouts, illustrations, drawings into graphics or web artworks.
  • Translated program visions, facts, and other data into graphic depictions.
  • Developed graphics presentations into live visuals with emphasis on moods, insights and other artistic impressions.
  • Assisted and supported other visual artists in executing projects.
  • Drawnillustrations for brochures, posters, magazines and handbooks.
  • Organized graphic materials, drawings, specifications and layouts.
  • Created logos for clients and their business units.


OMO, Greater Noida Jan. 2015 – Aug. 2016

Asst. Visual Artist 

  • Utilized Photoshop and Illustrator in combination with traditional tools to create and enhance illustrations.
  • Consulted with clients and art directors regarding all visual content.
  • Created cartoons to accompany editorial projects.
  • Animated characters using advanced software to place cartoons into motion.
  • Worked collaboratively with other departments to ensure a smooth publication process.
  • Used various art techniques to effectively convey ideas, emotions, tones, and stories.
  • Organized graphic materials, drawings, specifications and layouts.




Education – BA (Fine Arts) LPU Ahmedabad 2015



Languages Known: English, Spanish & Hindi 


~References and other documents available upon request ~



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