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Research Scientist - Resume Example & Template

Research scientists devise, formulate, and execute investigative protocols that tackle deficits in scientific knowledge. They then disseminate insights obtained by publishing in authoritative documents. The research scientist detect consequential knowledge gaps, formulate comprehensive research strategies, and then execute rigorous methodological and analytical steps.

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RESEARCH SCIENTIST-leveraging 6+ years of experience

Inquisitive research scientists mainly responsible for designing, undertaking, and analyzing information from controlled laboratory-based investigations, experiments, and trials. Experience in working in all science-related arenas including geoscience, medical research, meteorology, pharmacology, and many more. Potential to work in a specialized setting to conduct classified research aiming to contribute to the scientific developments and up gradation of the nation.   



  • Serves as a key research scientist who is recognized as an authority on topics related to biotechnology.
  • Post-doctoral experience focused on innovative research in immunology and biology with proven achievements in pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic environments
  • Plans, designs and conducts highly specialized, technical and unusually complex research projects independently.
  • Demonstrated proficiencies in gene discovery and biotechnology product development
  • Exercises considerable latitude in determining research objectives and approaches.
  • Contributes to the development of advanced concepts, techniques and standards
  • Efficient in keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments
  • Adroit in supervising junior staff including technicians
  • Ability to prepare technical reports and presentations that explain their research and findings



  • Biotechnology
  • Project Research & Supervision
  • Research Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical Technology Research
  • Scientific Research & Development
  • Academic Teaching
  • Laboratory Work & Experimentation
  • Immunology & Biology



Baylor College of Medicine, Chennai | Feb. 2020 – Present

Research Associate

      • Carry out the laboratory's work of conducting federally funded studies in the retina to understand the signaling mechanism of vision and pressure-related conditions, such as glaucoma and other pressure-caused visual damage
      • Record retinal neurons in different conditions, generate animal models, perform morphological studies, and collaborate on other works
      • Conduct routine laboratory tasks mainly including patch-clamp recording of individual retinal neurons, preparing solutions and reagents, making living retinal slices and whole mounts, single-cell labeling, confocal observation, animal handling, etc
      • Contributed to experimental skills including patch-clamp recording in living slice preparations, retinal dissection and handling, immunofluorescence, confocal microscopy, etc
      • Analyse compounds using a range of analytical techniques
      • Demonstrate proficiency in interpreting basic data sets and providing summaries
      • Undertake electronic searches for applicable methods and related procedures


Gilead Sciences, Chennai | Jan. 2015 – Jan 2020

Research Scientist

      • Worked closely within inter-disciplinary project teams deployed in multiple therapeutic areas
      • Proactively delivered structural and computational expertise to influence efforts in target and lead identification as well as lead optimization
      • Contributed to directing and executing scientific research for the discovery and development of drug candidates or the research support of marketed drugs
      • Investigated the feasibility of applying advanced principles and techniques of related scientific specialty to potential inventions, products, and problems
      • Recommended the development of economical, state-of-the-art techniques toward the discovery of therapeutic products
      • Planned, designed, implemented, and analyzed computational strategies to advance scientific knowledge of drug substances or techniques to identify such substances
      • Provided direction to research associates or members of project teams in the initiation and execution of laboratory experimentation, considering economic and safety factors
      • Worked on complex problems where analysis of situations or data required evaluation of intangible variables, requiring regular use of ingenuity and creativity
      • Made contributions to scientific literature and conferences through the publication and presentation of research results
      • Participated in the development of patent applications
      • Acted as a resource and provided work direction for other research personnel
      • Demonstrated the ability to recognize anomalous and inconsistent results and interpret experimental outcomes


Francis Martin Hospital, Chennai | Nov. 2011 – Nov. 2015

Research Scientist

      • Initiated, interpreted, organized, executed, and coordinated research assignments critical to the department's mission
      • Formulated and conducted research on problems of considerable scope and complexity
      • Explored subject areas and defined scope and selection of problems for investigation through conceptually related studies or series of projects of lesser scope
      • Made decisions and recommendations that have a major impact on extensive scientific research activities
      • Developed new ideas that promote current research and ensured timely and accurate completion of research projects
      • Exercised a high degree of creativity, foresight, and mature judgment in planning, organizing, and guiding extensive scientific research programs and activities of outstanding novelty and/or importance
      • Managed the operations of a lab for the principal investigator by supervising post-docs and technicians
      • Oversaw the maintenance and upkeep of all instruments and laboratory facilities
      • Provided students with technical guidance and direction in the operation of various sample preparation techniques, extraction lines, and equipment as well as general laboratory practices and safety protocols
      • Sought grant funding from external sources in support of their independent research projects with the consent of the concerned supervisor and the department chair
      • Participated in writing grant proposals
      • Looked after research/lab quality control and compliance and developed protocol for the collection and quality of research data and research techniques and methodologies
      • Determined and established laboratory policies, procedures, and practices
      • Maintained a thorough knowledge of the advances in specialized fields through attendance at scientific conferences
      • Made significant contributions to scientific papers and functioned as resource/ author/ co-author for reports and presentations
      • Recommended equipment purchases and redesign of lab space
      • Coordinate the activity and experimental design between various labs, scientific staff, and collaborators
      • Identified and resolved technical problems
      • Served on internal committees to help further the goals of research projects and bring new expertise to the research program


Campbells, Chennai | Oct. 2008 – Oct. 2011

Research and Development Scientist

      • Developed broth soup product design from concept to commercialization of base innovation, renovation, cost optimization, and quality initiatives
      • Supervised design and executed identified projects and possessed a strong knowledge of technical principles, and product commercialization processes and applied that knowledge towards designing new products or reformulating existing products
      • Worked with the technical and business teams to identify and define product concepts and establish project objectives
      • Helped in the development and execution of project timelines, including contingency planning
      • Leveraged vendor capabilities to expand formulation possibilities, research new ingredients, product technologies, and/or processes to develop unique and innovative products to increase speed to market
      • Developed prototypes to support concept and ideation exploratory work
      • Formulated products for scale-up and reformulating based on consumer direction
      • Conducted trials in the manufacturing facilities to assess manufacturing capability and consumer acceptability
      • Interfaced product design with various nutritional guidelines, and cost constraints
      • Worked with process development and supply chain to identify internal or external manufacturing needs
      • Demonstrated flexibility and agility to react rapidly to changes in project scope
      • Determined the root cause problem and execute effective solutions
      • Generated awareness of industry developments to pursue ingredient, product, or technology advances for application to new and innovative product initiatives   



      • M.Sc. (Biotechnology) Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai | 2008
      • B.Sc. (Biotechnology) Loyola College Chennai | 2005



Languages Known: English & Tamil 


~References and other documents available upon request ~



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