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Radiologic Technologist - Resume Example & Template

A radiologic technologist is in charge of testing and treating patients using radiology machines while under the supervision of a radiologist. A radiologic technician's responsibilities include executing radiology treatments, maintaining the safety and stability of the equipment, supporting patients with the recommendations, detecting and resolving probable system failures, and avoiding excessive radiation exposure. To support patients and provide further assistance, a radiologic technologist must have outstanding technical skills and knowledge of the medical business.

Resume of Radiologic Technologist in Text Format


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Compassionate, experienced, and qualified Radiologic Technologist with a strong desire to provide the highest level of patient care. Committed to delivering exceptional care and support to all patients in order to improve their quality of life. Strives to succeed in high-pressure situations while ensuring patient safety at all times. Provides superior patient care and helpful diagnostic information by successfully applying scientific knowledge and technical abilities. Proficient in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Radiology, and Radiography 



  • Proficient in positioning patients and equipment, explaining the procedures, and ensuring patients' comfort.
  • Skilled in inserting commands and data into the computer to document and specify the scan sequences, and monitoring the video display to adjust the density or contrast.
  • Adept in monitoring patients during examinations, ensuring their safety, and following procedures to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation.
  • Competent in producing diagnostic images, reporting important information to the Physician, and updating patients' records.




  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Radiation Protection
  • Film Evaluation
  • Portable X-Ray Machinery
  • Patient Lifting/Handling
  • Trauma Experience
  • Orthopedic Experience
  • Direct/ Digital Radiography
  • Healthcare Quality Improvement 
  • Computer Radiography
  • Radiology
  • Radiographic Equipment



Apollo Hospitals, Noida Jan. 2017 – Dec. 2021

Radiologic Technologist

  • Performed quality imaging studies through verification of patient identification and physician order, with technical accuracy and completeness of examination.
  • Demonstrated the ability to proficiently operate all imaging equipment across sites in a safe manner.
  • Ensured quality and safe patient care while in the service area through effective communication and proper use of all patient apparatus.
  • Contributed to the effective operations of the department by assisting fellow employees and staying in compliance with quality assurance and quality control.
  • Effectively communicated with the medical staff, administration, subordinates, and peers.
  • Assisted physicians with patient calls to include calling in refills to pharmacies for patients and answering any questions the patient may have.
  • Made appointments, keeping records or performing other clerical duties in doctors' offices or clinics.
  • Prepared patients for examinations, tests, or treatments and explain procedures.


Seven Consultancy, Greater Noida Jan. 2013 – Aug. 2016

Radiologic Technologist 

  • Worked one on one directly with the patients, doctors, reps, and other hospital staff when working at the satellite clinic.
  • Maintained patient film records and requested prior records from other medical facilities and re-sent the examinations for reevaluation after receiving prior record.
  • Communicated and resolved problems/issues with patients/customers, referral sources, and insurance companies.
  • Received patients, explained the method of procedures, position patients, selected and set the correct technical factors.
  • Set up and adjusted accessory equipment and make the exposure necessary for the requested procedure.
  • Worked and assisted in multiple areas including but not limited to urology, orthopedics, family practice, hospital ER, surgery, outpatient, inpatient, podiatry, cardiology, etc.
  • Used the radiation safety measures and protection devices to comply with government regulations and to ensure the safety of patients and staff.
  • Provided general and technical information to assist with routine division administrative matters.

wellOwise Noida Apr. 2012 – Dec 2013

Radiologic Technologist

  • Provided direct patient care in a therapeutic environment focusing on Radiological procedures.
  • Performed all diagnostic radiological procedures, below: ED, Surgical, and Fluoroscopic, special, and portable radiographs.
  • Assisted physicians and radiologists in procedures requiring sterilizing techniques.
  • Prepared administration of radiopaque contrast media needed for the radiologic exam.
  • Assessed the patient's condition prior to and during all radiologic procedures. Review each examination for technical accuracy.
  • Believed in empowering patients by incorporating education and nursing care that enhances wellness and quality of life Basic Arrthymias.
  • Experienced in a fast-paced hospital setting, ensuring high standards of care for a wide variety of patients with diverse needs.
  • Extensively experienced in the radiology field studying at 8 facilities during school, many having different types of equipment.
  • Excellent knowledge about tested techniques and instrument utilization.
  • Able to work independently while producing quality radiographs and providing excellent patient care.
  • Obtained patient's cooperation and help reduce patient anxiety by explaining procedures and establishing a comfortable environment.
  • Led Radiologic Technologist -proficient in all aspects of diagnostic Imaging and Special Procedures, coordinated daily schedule.


Metro Group of Hospitals, Greater Noida Jan. 2011 – Apr. 2011

Radiologic Technologist

  • Preparing and sending second reads, radiologist reads, and scanning reports into the patient medical records.
  • Acknowledging patients when they present to the clinic, offering solutions for any questions that they have, and instructing them on how to complete the paperwork.
  • Displaying a positive attitude so that patients have an enjoyable experience.
  • Resourcefully acquiring insurance card, driver license, and other relevant information required to bill the patient correctly.
  • Assisting the physician or physician's assistant with exams, and procedures.
  • Gathering triage information and documenting accurate details into the medical record.
  • Performing callbacks, patient referrals, and answering pharmacy call questions.
  • Educating patients on discharge paperwork and answering questions related to their visit.
  • Drawing and packaging specimens for the lab and insurance provider has reviewed lab results.
  • Assisting current clinic general manager with several managerial duties including ordering supplies, monthly inventory, yearly inventory, and various other tasks as delegated by the manager.


Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, Greater Noida Sept. 2010 – Dec. 2010

Assistant Radiologic Technologist

  • Prepared and performed various x-ray examinations including fluoroscopic exams, portable procedures, and a wide variety of surgical c-arm exams as well as having experience with ESWL procedures.
  • Utilized appropriate positioning protocols and exposure techniques to ensure patient safety and optimal image quality.
  • Prepared equipment and supplies to set up exam rooms to meet specific physician procedure requirements.
  • Interpreted and confirmed physician orders to obtain appropriate radiographic images per patient condition.
  • Provided patient education and instruction prior to, during, and after examinations.
  • Demonstrated the ability to adapt exam protocols to address various patient conditions, diverse body types, and different equipment dynamics in order to obtain optimal images.
  • Applied appropriate infection control and radiation safety measures for self, patient, staff, and visitors.
  • Evaluated patient for pregnancy prior to the exam and appropriately shielding reproductive organs as needed.



Education – Bachelor In Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology, Government Medical College Kottayam



Languages Known: English, French & Hindi 


~References and other documents available upon request ~



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