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Marine Engineer & Architect - Resume Example & Template

Marine Engineers and architects are professionals, in charge of preparing system layouts, comprehensive drawings, and schematics. They assist in examining maritime equipment and apparatus, as well as generating work requests and project requirements. Their other responsibilities include testing maritime machinery and equipment for environmental, operational, and performance issues.

Resume of Marine Engineer & Architect in Text Format


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PE Licensed MARINE ENGINEER & ARCHITECT - leveraging 8+ years of experience 

Resourceful and perceptive Professional Engineer's (PE) Licensed, STVW-95 approved Marine Engineer with a specialization in Naval Architecture and fluid mechanics. Demonstrated experience in the designing, testing, and operation of manned submersibles, underwater vehicle launch and recovery systems, and small planning boat performance modeling. Acquainted with international and national naval safety standards. Adept at documenting processes and using methods of analytic tools, model scales, and prototyping. 


  • Excellent communication and leadership skills are a must in addition to familiarity with ABS, CFR, USCG, SOLAS, IMO, and other applicable regulations.
  • Specialized knowledge in naval architecture and fluid mechanics and experience applying computational and analytical tools such as computational fluid dynamics, seakeeping prediction, and hydrostatic stability analysis. 
  • Proficient in using and interpreting results from naval architecture/ship stability software such as GHS or HECSALV. 
  • Excellent project ownership such as tenacity, resourcefulness, technical curiosity and engagement, and a high degree of attention to detail, quality, and technical rigor. 
  • Highly skilled with an aptitude for technical and project managerial leadership, as well as entrepreneurial proclivity. 


  •  Operational Procedures
  • Marine Design
  • Naval Architecture
  • CAD programs
  • 3D modeling
  • Operation and Design requirements
  • Shipyard practices
  • Machine design
  • Ship structural arrangement
  • FEA modeling
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Vessel Design development


Cochin Shipyard Ltd, Kochin, Kerela | Jan. 2018 – Sept. 2022 

Naval Architect  

  • Develop plans, create production documents, and provides support for systems such as propulsion, power, piping, climate control, integrated control, and automation. 
  • Identify and create efficiency improvements to continuously improve emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Oversee the procedures associated with underwater vehicle system design including requirements and operations analysis, conceptual vehicle design, pressure hull sizing, variable ballast assessment, basic hydrodynamic analysis, energy system sizing, propulsion/propulsor design, weight, equilibrium, stability, and trim calculations and tests, and auxiliary systems designs. 
  • Supervise the workflow both internal and external, through established communication processes and channels. 
  • Analyze Global Performance including Design Load Case, motion analysis, air gap analysis, and load calculations. 
  • Revitalize internal engineering interface with Structures, Marine Systems, Mooring/Cables, and Installation.  
  • Analyze critical elements and performance of the design using analytic tools, model scale, and full-scale testing. 
  • Coordinate the water testing and evaluation of new stabilization systems and control algorithms to provide design input, helping troubleshoot and diagnose product design issues prior to product launch. 
  • Support the development of shipyard maintenance and modification packages. 
  • Maintain internal engineering interface with structures, and marine systems, and oversee the installation.

Anglo-Eastern Ship Management India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai | Jan. 2014 – Dec. 2017 

Second Engineer 

  • Performed stress analysis of equipment and foundations using DDAM (Dynamic Design Analysis Method) in accordance with NAVSEA 0908-LP-000-3010 ranging from simple hand calculation to complex Finite Element Analysis. 
  • Supervised 3rd Assistant Engineer and Motor Operators and ensured their training prior to using the permit to work. 
  • Reviewed the maintenance and repair of mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment onboard the vessel. 
  • Exercised effective control and efficient operation of the technical and mechanical aspects of the rig with due regard to personnel safety, the rig, and the protection of the environment. 
  • Participated in the annual performance appraisal process, competency assessments based on performance against Operational Discipline requirements. 
  • Ensured all required well control drills are performed and evaluated all personnel’s responses. 
  • Conducted Action Reviews and ensured communication of findings to the crew.  
  • Supervised the maintenance and repair of all pumps and valves of the ballast system, thrusters, associated driven pumps, and auxiliary equipment. 
  • Assisted the First Engineer in ensuring that all third-party equipment is fit for purpose, certified, correctly installed, and maintained while on the rig. 
  • Performed design calculations in support of broader engineering activities. 
  • Developed technical instructions and inspection guides to support the review of the ship's systems. 

Anglo-Eastern Ship Management India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai | Jan. 2014 – Dec. 2017 

Third Engineer 

  • Executed maintenance and repairs on equipment as delegated by supervisor. 
  • Determined ballasting sequence for installation of floating structures (Launch Jackets, SPARs, etc.). 
  • Analyzed Mooring line installation for floating facilities (FPUs, FPSOs, SPARSs, etc.) and Statistical environmental. 
  • Assisted the Engineer Watch Officer by locally monitoring the safe and proper functioning of all main and auxiliary engines, as well as their associated systems, machinery, and equipment, within the engine room. 
  • Delegated maintenance and repair responsibilities to subordinates and actively observed all remedial works. 
  • Scrutinized all allocated ongoing projects and ensured that it was processed satisfactorily and to approved standards, with no wastage of materials. 
  • Supervised the appropriate disposal of all refuse, scraps, and other materials in order to avoid fires and other risks.


  • EducationB.E. Marine Engineering Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy, Mumbai | 2010 


Languages Known: English, French & Hindi 


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