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Loan Officer - Resume Example & Template

Loan officers assess and approve commercial, real estate, and credit loans. They are experts at assessing a loan applicant's financial situation. Updating account records and analysing loan files are among the responsibilities. They work for commercial banks, mortgage businesses, and credit unions, among other institutions. Personal and commercial loans are reviewed, authorised, and recommended for approval by loan officers. Loan officials interview potential borrowers to assess their creditworthiness. Mortgage businesses, commercial banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions are common places for them to work.

Resume of Loan Officer in Text Format


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LOAN OFFICER -leveraging 13+ years of experience


Highly accomplished Senior Loan Officer with 13+ years of expertise drafting loan documentation, managing, and monitoring transactions, and evaluating applicants' financial situations. Excellent communicator with a professional demeanour, strong analytical ability, and strong time management skills. Demonstrated ability to handle sensitively highly confidential personal and financial information. Identified and executed possibilities to accelerate growth and increase profit contributions. Experienced in working in a fast-paced setting requires strong organizational abilities and meticulous attention to detail.



  • Proficient in verifying the information provided on applications to obtain more information if missing data or mistakes are present
  • Highly skilled in communicating with customers to help them choose the best mortgage loan they can afford
  • Adept at meeting with loan applicants to identify their needs and collect information for loan applications.
  • Experienced in analyzing active loan files on a regular basis and recommending solutions to speed up the loan process.
  • Competent in reviewing new laws and regulations that influence business lending within the financial institution and makes recommendations to management when necessary.
  • Accomplished in completing loan contracts and teaching clients on policies and regulations.




  • Closing Procedures
  • Federal Lending Regulations
  • Financial Management
  • Conventional & Government Guidelines
  • FHA Guidelines
  • Quantitative Analysis 
  • Customer service
  • Financial Advising
  • Development Financial Analysis




Greenlam Industries ltd, Noida | Jan. 2019 – Present

Senior Loan Officer 

  • Approve loans for various client bases within specified limits, and refer loan applications outside those limits to management for approval.
  • Meet with applicants to obtain information for loan applications and to answer questions about the process.
  • Analyze applicants’ financial status, credit, and property evaluations to determine the feasibility of granting loans.
  • Explain to customers the different types of loans and credit options that are available, as well as the terms of those services.
  • Obtain and compile copies of loan applicants' credit histories, corporate financial statements, and other financial information review and update credit and loan files.
  • Review loan agreements to ensure that they are complete and accurate according to policy.
  • Work with clients to identify their financial goals and to find ways of reaching those goals. Confer with underwriters to aid in resolving mortgage application problems.
  • Negotiate payment arrangements with customers who have delinquent loans. Market bank products to individuals and firms, promoting bank services to meet customers’ needs.
  • Use expertise to educate clients on a portfolio of services, regulations, and procedures in addition to mentoring new loan officers.
  • Obtain customer applications, quote points, and rates, and follow up with registration lock-in.
  • Responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and underwriting personal loan, credit cards, and auto loan applications at a senior level.
  • Review credit applications in a timely manner to determine the creditworthiness of the individual. 
  • Analyze the current financial position of members to determine the degree of risk involved in extending credit or lending money where applicable.
  • Review credit reports of existing and new members to help mitigate fraudulent accounts and loans.


Sahni Natarajan & Bahl, Greater Noida | Apr. 2015 – Dec 2018

Senior Loan Officer  

  • Met with applicants to obtain information for loan applications and to answer questions about the process.
  • Reviewed loan agreements to ensure that they are complete and accurate according to policy.
  • Approved loans within specified limits, and refer loan applications outside those limits to management for approval.
  • Negotiated payment arrangements with customers who have delinquent loans. Prepare reports to send to customers whose accounts are delinquent, and forward irreconcilable accounts for collector action.
  • Prepared or assisted in preparing simple to complex tax returns for individuals or small businesses. Interview clients to obtain additional information on taxable income and deductible expenses and allowances.
  • Reviewed financial records such as income statements and documentation of expenditures to determine forms needed to prepare tax returns.
  • Checked data input or verify totals on forms prepared by others to detect errors in arithmetic, data entry, or procedures.


Genius Consultants Limited, Greater Noida | Sept. 2013 - Aug. 2015 

Jr. Loan Officer

  • Analyzes and evaluates loan requests and prepares a written submission for consideration by underwriters.
  • Identifies problems or potential problems with credit information and coordinates with the necessary party to resolve the problems.
  • Meets with applicants whose loans are denied and explains reasons and alternatives. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective and professional relations with members.
  • Proactively assesses members’ financial needs for the purpose of formulating a financial solution and delivering an effective variety of credit union products and services in order to help the member succeed financially.
  • Discusses loan alternatives, credit criteria, interest rates, and loan documentation in such a manner to elicit a positive response from members.
  • Able to maintain a pipeline, develop a referral network, suggest alternate channels and cross-sell products and services to accomplish quotas all while maintaining superior service.
  • Recorded applications for loan and credit, loan information, and disbursements of funds using computers.


Coppergate Consultants Private Limited, Greater Noida | Mar. 2011 - Aug. 2013 

Junior Loan Officer

  • Executed the loan origination process, including ordering credit reports, appraisals, and preliminary title reports..
  • Ensured the correct amount of cash was given and received for transactions.
  • Assisted customers with the consolidation of debts or cash-out refinance in order to reflect savings and reduce debt to income ratio.
  • Issued business loans, project loans, mortgage loans and managed them with the assigned loan portfolio.
  • Improves loan applications and documentation by informing applicants of additional requirements.
  • Investigated and interpreted personal data provided by the customer to resolve discrepancies.
  • Collection and recording of supporting documentation from customers and other relevant parties per bank regulations.


Hewlett Packard Careers, Gurgaon | Mar. 2009 - Apr. 2011 

Assistant Loan Officer

  • Recorded applications for loan and credit, loan information, and disbursements of funds using computers.
  • Assembled and compile documents for loan closings, such as title abstracts, insurance forms, loan forms, and tax receipts.
  • Interviewed loan applicants in order to obtain personal and financial data, and to assist in completing applications.
  • Provide customers with the various loan types and credit options available to them.
  • Ensured borrower/client retention by providing strategic investment recommendations based on evaluation of credit report.
  • Initiated loan applications and process them with various lenders and programs available for the borrowers.
  • Researched and analyzed appropriate loan programs to match borrowers’ profiles.



Education – MBA (Accounting and Finance) | VIPS | 2009

BBA, Indraprastha University | 2007


Certificates - Certified Financial Management Professional, Financial Management Association



Languages Known: English & Hindi  



~References and other documents available upon request ~



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