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Health Education Specialist - Resume Example & Template

Health Education specialists teaches communities how to stay healthy. This involves educating them about both the factors that put people at risk for various diseases and the behaviors that improve wellness. They develop and oversee programs that promote everything from diabetes prevention to mental health to maternal health. They design these programs based on the data they have collected regarding a community’s specific health needs and research and evidence about effective prevention and intervention methods. Their work also often involves connecting communities to resources, such as information about obtaining health insurance, as well as the health care they need to thrive.

Resume of Health Education Specialist in Text Format


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HEALTH EDUCATION SPECIALIST-leveraging 6+ years of experience

Skilled and supportive health education specialist capable of imparting knowledge and education. Aims to promote behavioral and physical wellness among the masses. Trained to communicate with society steps that should be undertaken in cases of medical emergencies and allied activities. Organises support and training camps for the same.     



  • Proficiently assess the health needs of people and communities, develop and manage health education programs that help individuals, families, and communities maintain healthy lifestyles.
  • Experienced in testing the effectiveness of programs and educational materials.
  • Advocate for improved health resources, policies, procedures and services that promote health.



  • Vaccination Support 
  • First Aid Training Camps 
  • Voluntary Blood Donation Camps
  • Health Emergency Training 
  • Kid’s Health Education support  
  • Mental Health Awareness Campaign
  • Covid-19 Awareness Campaign 
  • Community Healthcare Support 
  • Climate and Health Support 



Children’s Hospital, Bangalore I Jan. 2023 – Present

Community Health Education Consultant 

  • Plan, coordinate, and implement, community focused pediatric health and injury prevention projects, programs, campaigns, and social marketing strategies
  • Use data to identify community health needs and assets
  • Create and review community-required education materials and resources
  • Serve as liaison on community coalitions, committees and task forces
  • Plan, coordinate, implement and deliver community education programs and activities
  • Design, evaluate and distribute health education materials and resources
  • Conduct health promotion and outreach to advance Children's presence in the community, both locally and regionally
  • Participate in department planning including goals, objectives, timelines, and budget preparation


Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, Bangalore I Jan. 2020 – Jan 2022

Corporate Health Education Specialist  

  • Assisted with assessing, planning, coordinating, and evaluating educational programs for healthcare professionals within the healthcare system and the community
  • Facilitated the professional development of staff and students
  • Incorporated principles of adult learning in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of education and programs
  • Coordinated evidence-based educational offerings and activities for continuing medical education, clinical liaison, and system-wide orientation
  • Taught AHA Training Center Courses: BLS, ACLS, PALS, BCA courses
  • Collected and entered data for appropriate programs, updated corporate education HUB page and provided communication backup to corporate education staff while catering to all student clinical request
  • Maintained adequate supplies and educational materials
  • Undertook information management utilizing specialized computer programs and other data management systems
  • Communicated effectively in visual, oral, and written form and demonstrates effective presentation skills


Mission Neighbourhood Health Center (MNHC), Bangalore I Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2020

Health Education Specialist

  • Planned, and implemented one-on-one client services and facilitated linkage to HIV testing and healthcare services (for both HIV positive and negative clients)
  • Coordinated wellness programs for HIV negative clients and provided enrollment in public health insurance or access programs and linkages to MNHC or another medical home
  • Co-Facilitated Initial Risk Reduction Group and Intensive Drivers Workshops, in accordance with established program protocols
  • Implemented a four month follow-up of Behavioral Risk Assessments for participants of the Initial Group
  • Planed content and topics for the follow-up groups in accordance with participant’s needs and program goals
  • Provided screening and enrollment in public health insurance/access programs for eligible HIV- clients
  • Assisted the client in registering at MNHC or another medical home and follow-up to ensure the client is engaged in primary care
  • Promoted HIV Testing/Counseling Services as required by group participants
  • Supported treatment outreach worker and treatment link specialist in the conduction of outreach and other tasks to increase HIV testing rates among at-risk populations


Knowesis Inc., Bangalore I Oct. 2017 – Oct. 2018

Public Health Educator 

  • Evaluated and provided health education programmes and services through collaborating with community partners
  • Conducted education program development, management, administration, and quality assurance and evaluation
  • Increased education program effectiveness using training surveys and other user feedback
  • Provided health education training initiatives to include, but not limited to, Tobacco Cessation, and other broad-based health education training
  • Undertook education initiatives in a variety of Public Health focus areas, including, Healthy Living, Military Health Promotion Program Basics, and other Health Promotion topics of Army significance
  • Prepared Public Health technical reports, business process documentation, oral reports, charts, tables, and/or professional quality presentations
  • Assisted with the screening and assessment of children and families at risk for developing diabetes
  • Developed and implemented educational content and provide group and individual healthy lifestyle education to energize participants who range in ability, age, and physical condition or limitations
  • Helped in classroom data collection and program implementation



  • Education – MSc (Health Education) Christian Medical College Vellore 2017
  • B.Sc (Psychology) MCC Bangalore 2015
  • Introduction to Psychology University of Manchester 2016



Languages Known: English & Hindi 



~References and other documents available upon request ~



Health Education Specialist Resume Sample, Resume Examples 2023

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