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Geologist - Resume Example & Template

Geologists study the physical aspects of the earth, such as its composition, structure, and processes, to learn about its past and present and to predict future events. By analyzing rocks, fossils, and other clues, geologists are able to create timelines of events in the earth’s geologic history. They also research changes in its resources to provide guidance in meeting human demands, such as for water, and to predict geological risks and hazards.

Resume of Geologist in Text Format


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GEOLOGIST-leveraging 6+ years of experience

Committed geologist experienced in researching earth processes, studying earth materials and analysing the history of the earth. Diligent in observing how natural processes affect the earth, how the natural environment is affected by the earth’s materials, and aim to understand the chronology of the earth’s materials.  Demonstrates outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. 



  • Proficient in studying the relationship between an organization’s projects, and its environmental impact and sustainability
  • Efficient in developing new methods for geological analysis and data collection with the least harmful environmental impact
  • Experience in analysing geological, geochemical and geophysical data collected by tests and surveys
  • Ability to prepare technical reports and presentations that explain their research and findings



  • Geologic Modelling
  • Geophysical 
  • Geoscience
  • Property Assessment
  • Mineral Exploration Planning
  • Reconciliation Study
  • Topology
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment
  • Resource Estimation



WSP, New Delhi I Feb. 2023 – Present


  • Conduct natural resource field surveys and collect observational, spatial, and environmental data
  • Collect and compile samples of air, soil, water, sludge, and other matrices for analysis
  • Maintain quality control standards and procedures for accurate and precise measurement and documentation
  • Assist with performing basic professional environmental science work relating to ecological systems, air, and water resources, assisting with verifying the characteristics of a site and providing entry-level technical assistance on various environmental issues
  • Generate complete, accurate, and concise documentation using electronic systems and field/work site notebook
  • Comply with safety guidelines and site-specific procedures which include but are not limited to, the maintenance of sample collection, location data, laboratory or statistical documentation, and logbooks
  • Utilize the latest technologies and techniques in performing studies and analysis of habitats, sites, and potential impacts to the health of the environment and the population
  • Complete training on assigned tasks
  • Exercise responsible and ethical decision-making practices regarding company funds, resources and conduct, and adhere to the code of conduct and related policies and procedures
  • Perform additional responsibilities as required
  • Participate in a variety of field and office tasks related to planning and implementing environmental investigation and remediation projects for government and private-sector clients
  • Field experience with environmental sampling techniques and subcontractor oversight,


Aecom, New Delhi I Jan. 2020 – Jan 2023


  • Utilized basic scientific principles, theories, practices and existing technologies to develop solutions for technical problems with limited scope
  • Interpreted and recorded data, conducted analyses, compared findings to relevant studies and local, state and federal regulations to ensure compliance
  • Planed, executed, analysed and reported on environmental measures in natural systems
  • Applied standard field practices and techniques using basic field equipment to collect samples of soil, soil vapor, groundwater, surface water, sediment; prepared samples for shipping, and complete chain-of-custody or similar paperwork
  • Applied knowledge of natural sciences like chemistry, physics, biology, hydrology, and mathematics to explain observations
  • Studied contaminants and determine how to restore the environment
  • Prepared basic data and scientific documents including technical work plans and reports
  • Performed unsupervised field tasks, and directed staff in the execution of tasks
  • Reviewed analytical data for general indicators of quality for routine analyses based on well-defined guidelines
  • Coordinated with task and project managers, working with on-site subcontractors and field staff, supporting sampling, data collection, and field documentation
  • Balanced field work with some time spent in the office working on data interpretation and visualization, quantitative modeling, and report writing
  • Prioritized safety, contributed to “incident free” operations and maintained the highest standards of Health & Safety in everything activity
  • Created a more sustainable world by ensuring environmental compliance, environmental management, and health and safety while working on diverse projects


Tech Resources, New Delhi I Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2020


  • Worked in a large, diverse, multidisciplinary geoscience team 
  • Planned field programmes to begin early spring through the fall, and rotations that consisted of roughly 21 days on the field, followed by 10 days off between the shifts
  • Reported to the senior project geologist, responsible for project level work, including collecting and synthesizing geologic data from core and field samples
  • Supported program logistics, and collaborated with a variety of contractors to support the requirements of the exploration program
  • Adhered to and sponsored health, safety, community and environment policies, procedures, and systems, including emergency response plans and hazard and risk assessments
  • Maintained detailed geological logging and interpretation of drill core
  • Conducted field work including mapping, rock sampling, soil sampling, water sampling, drill hole reclamation, geophysical surveys and prospecting
  • Organized data and collected samples daily and prepared samples for shipment
  • Supported digitization, management, and interpretation of geoscience data
  • Integrated and transformed geoscience data and information into knowledge that directly contributed to validating and evaluating targets
  • Worked directly with drill contractors and geophysical survey field crews at different exploration sites
  • Contributed to daily health & safety and project management tasks as requested


ConeTac Group, New Delhi I Oct. 2017 – Oct. 2018


  • Provided expertise in the area of engineering geology related to civil works, military, and International Support (IIS) projects
  • Resolved seismicity issues, drilling techniques through or near embankment dams, instrumentation installation procedures, rock mechanics issues including weak rock or soil layers, blasting, foundation grouting, and/or erosion of unlined spillways
  • Reviewed, developed, and/or updated publications, criterias, and guidance related to engineering geology
  • Stayed abreast of latest developments and publications in geology, civil works, military/IIS, and geotechnical engineering with emphasis on engineering geology problems and geophysical investigative methods
  • Planed, programed, scheduled, directed, coordinated, advised, and reviewed the work of assigned staff and/or firms in the development of engineering geology products
  • Checked design calculations verifying assumption and data are correct/appropriate
  • Noted discrepancies and errors and ensured problems/concerns are resolved
  • Managed and executed complex site investigation programs 
  • Developed new business as a contractor in the mining, construction and infrastructure industries by providing a wide-ranging skillset
  • Managed field crews and ensured that projects are performed in a professional and safe manner
  • Interacted with clients for job procurement by developing and scoping field exploration plan
  • Directed field crews on project execution and manage project
  • Ensured data quality and safe operations



  • Education – M.Sc. (Geology) University of Delhi New Delhi 2017
  • B.Sc. (Geography) Lady Sri Ram College New Delhi 2015



Languages Known: English & Hindi 



~References and other documents available upon request ~


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