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Dietician - Resume Example & Template

The function of a dietician is to assist customers in achieving their health goals. A dietitian's job entails evaluating and assessing a client's dietary needs and goals, as well as learning about their preferences and constraints, such as allergies, and creating a personalised nutrition plan. Furthermore, a dietician must keep track of a client's development and keep accurate records on all accounts. There are also times when one can advocate good eating habits to the general population while staying up to date on the newest nutrition research.

Resume of Dietician in Text Format


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DIETITIAN -leveraging 11+ years of experience

Highly successful dietitian with ten years of experience working in many parts of the health field. Offering expertise in clinical research, data analysis, nutrition education, counselling, clinical lactation support, project development and management, employee supervision, team building, and cultural competency. Proven capacity to serve high-risk patients with appropriate treatment and assistance. In dynamic contexts, a track record of success in resolving difficulties utilizing a rational approach.


  • Proficient in speaking to patients to learn about their health goals and dietary needs, preferences, and restrictions.
  • Adept in developing nutrition plans for clients.
  • Competent in compiling information and tracking client progress towards their health goals.
  • Skilled in entering patient information into patient database.
  • Responsible in keeping informed about the latest discoveries in nutrition.
  • Highly skilled in speaking to groups to promote healthy eating habits and proper nutrition.




  • Nutrition
  • Documentation
  • Compliance
  • Safety/Sanitation
  • Budgeting
  • Collaboration
  • Dietetics
  • Dietary Guidelines
  • Special Diets
  • Diet Orders
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Dietetic Interns



Apollo Hospitals, Noida Jan. 2017 – Oct. 2021


  • Provided individualized, evidence-based lifestyle change programs which empower clients to make lasting and significant improvements in nutrition and physical activity, specifically for patients with advanced kidney disease.
  • Conducted in-depth nutrition assessments, motivated clients to make positive health behavior changes, and teach chronic disease self-management using outstanding communication acumen.
  • Adhered to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and kept current with accurate records and documentation
  • Successful in improving patient compliance by utilizing creative and interactive learning experiences
  • Supervised and monitored patient weights daily while ensuring each patient met or was dialyzed at or as close to their established dry weight
  • Assessed and educated patients on hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis regarding diet and kidney disease.
  • Collaborated with the interdisciplinary team on the management of bone and mineral metabolism, nutritional status, fluid and sodium control
  • Presented information on nutrition care and the renal patient to new hire employees


Seven Consultancy, Greater Noida Jan. 2014 – Aug. 2016


  • Managed all nutrition clinical operations in a long-term care facility.
  • Completed patient assessments and care plans, comply with MDS required standards.
  • Participated in team meetings and coordination of care for residents.
  • Assisted in the implementation of new menus and computer-generated meal programs to improve resident satisfaction.
  • Insured new accounts meets the expectations of the residents and the client through participation in the resident food council, being highly visible during meal service.
  • Communicated with residents on a daily basis, and addressing customer satisfaction issues promptly.
  • Conducted test trays, meal rounds, sanitation audits, kitchen safety audits, staff in-services, etc.
  • Well-functioned team of foodservice professionals to ensure the success of the account.


wellOwise Noida Apr. 2012 – Dec 2013


  • Responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating outpatient nutrition services and programs for bariatric and medical weight loss patients.
  • Responsible for bariatric/non-bariatric meal planning for patients, either individually or in groups.
  • Performed nutrition assessments and document nutrition services provided.
  • Developed educational material to reinforce dietary counseling for patients.
  • Coordinated nutrition services with the center's interdisciplinary staff.
  • Recommended changes in therapy and monitor patient's response to changes in medication regimen, exercise plan and/or meal plan and report to physician.
  • Provided patients with education and self-management training in HCG weight loss injections, meal supplements in combination with appetite suppressants.


Max Hospitals, Greater Noida Mar. 2011 – Feb. 2012

Assistant Dietitian

  • Assessed long-term and short term care residents' nutritional status by completing nutrition assessments, utilize medical nutrition therapy to implement nutrition interventions, provided diet education, and perform follow up evaluations for the residents.
  • Prepared and implemented individualized dietary care plans based on nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, and resident's clinical condition.
  • Analyzed nutritional content of menus and modify recipes in accordance with recommended dietary allowance for regular diet and MNT guidelines for therapeutic diets.
  • Conducted meal rounds and tray audits to monitor intake of the residents.
  • Discussed resident's nutritional concerns and progress with interdisciplinary team as well as MD and family members.
  • Monitored weights and skin conditions of residents and make interventions accordingly.
  • Assessed and evaluated nutritional needs for tube feeding patients; developed a transitional feeding care plan or termination of nutrition support as appropriate.


Metro Group of Hospitals, Greater Noida Jan. 2011 – Apr. 2011

Assistant Dietitian 

  • Evaluated the dietary needs of a client by assessing their health and exercise levels, sleep and food habits etc.
  • Clarified information to clients and explained the effects of nutrients on the overall health condition
  • Offered counseling and suggested positive alterations in nutrition to address clients’ dietary restrictions
  • Evaluated the dietary needs of a client by assessing their health and exercise levels, sleep and food habits,etc.
  • Created full and personalized nutrition plans that promote healthy lifestyles
  • Set clear objectives and provide support to clients to help them in their progress
  • Conducted scientific research to expand field-related knowledge such as the impacts of nutrients, the benefits of diets to the body’s functions, etc.
  • Wrote and publish articles to educate the public
  • Made presentations on a variety of topics such as how nutrition affects performance in sports, schools, etc.


Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, Greater Noida Sept. 2010 – Dec. 2010

Assistant Dietitian

  • Met with clients and identified their dietary needs by assessing their health, exercise routine, and food habits.
  • Developed and helped implement personalized nutrition plans for clients.
  • Offered advice on how to stay healthy and provided support to help clients with their progress.
  • Oversaw the consultation calendar to ensure efficiency.
  • Simplified important information for clients and explained the benefits of staying on a healthy diet.
  • Helping establish short and long-term goals.
  • Ensured that you stay updated on the latest nutritional diets and trends.
  • Taught the public and other health specialists about nutrition through articles and group seminars.



Education – BSc (Food and Nutrition) Amity University 2011



Languages Known: English, Spanish & Hindi 



~References and other documents available upon request ~



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