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Database Administrator - Resume Example & Template

Database administrators are in charge of managing and maintaining company databases. Database administrators are responsible for enforcing a data management policy and ensuring that company databases are operational and backed up in the event of memory loss. Ultimately, a top-tier database administrator should have in-depth knowledge of the databases under their supervision, as well as strong technical and administrative skills. They also know how to run complex SQL queries for data retrieval.

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SENIOR DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR -leveraging +10 years of experience

Database administrator  with substantial experience in Oracle enterprise and SQL Server settings designing, coding, testing, and supporting next-generation database solutions. Proven ability to tackle and succeed in all endeavours from high-dollar business development to customized software development and implementation. Repeatedly successful in navigating complex technical environments, and possess strong, PL/SQL expertise in stored procedures, performance tuning, and optimization.

Exceed ongoing and overlapping deadlines in fast-paced environments, handle multiple assignments simultaneously and coordinate deliverables with key stakeholders in cross-functional groups. Proficient in an assortment of technologies, including Oracle 12c, DB2, Access, Sybase, MS SQL Server 2016, JDBC, Visio, Apache HTTP Server, Java, C++, XML, Windows, Linux and Unix.



  • Highly skilled in managing deployment and overseeing maintenance of new databases, new schemas and new database objects
  • Proficient in contributing to defining application database standards and creating application data models
  • Rich experience in managing database performance in the context of applications while working closely with infrastructure and application teams
  • Expertise in code optimization and improving database efficiency through Maintenance tasks Re-Indexing, Updating Statistics, Recompiling Stored Procedures.
  • Skilled at validating and thoroughly testing deduplication of backup data by integrating networker backups with EMC Data Domain.
  • Accomplished in designing and implementing a configurable Application and data security model to ensure controlled access to the data on production, test and development environments.
  • Expert at using Oracle Identity Management to centralise and automate user provisioning and security coordination.



  • Software Proficiency
  • CPA
  • Budgeting Procedure
  • Cash Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Forecast Planning
  • Financial Auditing
  • Asset Management
  • Cost Accounting



Bellurbis LLC, Greater Noida | Jan. 2019 – Oct. 2021

Senior Database Administrator  

  • Implemented data guard with maximum availability, protection and performance configurations and worked with data guard fail over and switch over cases at the times of up gradation and migration.
  • Experienced in data center migration of databases to prepare the proof of concept, db migration procedures and scripts, developed templates that include check list for migrating the databases.
  • Configured repository and clients for grid control and also implemented db control for some databases.
  • Utilized oracle streams to capture, propagate and apply the transfer of data, transactions and events within managed databases.
  • Perform database upgrades, migrations; take logical exports from the qa, dev etc instances and importing the data on to the production systems etc.
  • Upgraded multiple single instance databases and grid infrastructure from 11gr2 to 12cr1.
  • Worked on new features on 12c databases such as recovering tables, masking the fields, using advanced optimization parameters for good performance of 12c databases.
  • Experience in troubleshooting RAC databases and engaging with the application team for gaining performance enhancements for application in a clustered environment.
  • Applied psu on standalone test environment using opatch and same psu(grid and rdbms patching on production cluster using opatch auto.
  • Supported in performing golden gate configuration, administration, installation, also configuring pumps and managing trail files by purging old extract files and log files.
  • Implemented physical standby databases on 2-node 11gr2 real application cluster and automized scripts to delete archive logs that already applied to standby.


Space Consultants, Greater Noida | Apr. 2015 – Dec 2018

Database Administrator   

  • Managed projects from business requirements research to solution delivery and support as a DBA or project lead on more than 80 medium- to large-scale deployments.
  • Managed a $1.2 million data-integration project for a financial services organisation, combining data from accounting systems, third-party market data, and internal equities/fixed income applications.
  • Contributed to a 15% increase in revenue for a furniture store by unifying content from various databases, allowing sales and support employees to respond to client demands more swiftly.
  • Duplicated tablespaces and databases from a production server to test server as per customer requirement.
  • Diagnosed oracle bugs and coordinating with oracle support to resolve them in timely manner.
  • Created a Web-enabled group scheduling system for a large university, allowing students to view and print schedules for current and future semesters. On time, on budget, and according to specification.
  • Innovated a time-saving, reliable employee data-intake system that automates database update processes, allowing new wage and process-exception data to be automatically entered.
  • Developed and tested storage methods and a disaster-recovery strategy for a large manufacturing company's operational database, resulting in a solution that ensured excellent availability and recovery performance.
  • Enhanced users’ understanding of database systems by conducting pre-implementation workshops, delivering group and individual training sessions and creating user-friendly training materials.


Cognivate, Greater Noida Sept. 2013 – May 2015

Database Administrator   

  • Supervised database security by assigning suitable responsibilities to diverse project employees, monitoring user accounts, creating groups, and granting access to users.
  • Monitored and executed RMAN backup and recovery, flashback technology, hot/cold backups, archived redo log files and fast recovering area.
  • Performed daily tasks such as error checks and database health monitoring of physical resources (disc space, memory, CPU, and so on), as well as performance parameter adjustments as needed. Utilized RMAN to perform weekly level 0 full backups and daily cumulative incremental level 1 backup.
  • Configured oracle enterprise manager (OEM) to schedule automatic backups.
  • Involved in database backup and disaster recovery strategies using RMAN and data guard.
  • Provided logical backup of data using oracle data pump utilities (EXPDP and IMPDP) to transfer data from a database or schema to another.
  • Performed database refreshes, cloning, and duplication from one oracle database to the other.
  • Administrated general database including management of instances, redo logs, tablespaces, temp space, rollback/undo segments and schema management.
  • Coordinated with engineering and database architects in analyzing automated workload repository (AWR) reports and ADR diagnostic utility to improve database response times.


Clarivate, Greater Noida Jan. 2011 - Aug. 2013 

Database Administrator  

  • Set up and configured DB mail and create jobs to send out an email whenever any SQL jobs fails
  • Managed a variety of everyday tasks, including database backups and restorations, maintenance jobs, and requests from developers.
  • Completed and resolved all components on schedule while sticking to all business norms and procedures
  • Responsible for configuring and troubleshooting transactional replication, connected servers, and database mirroring — capable of promptly resolving issues and minimising end-user downtime.
  • Deployed and maintained SSIS packages, as well as SSRS reports for data analysts.
  • Developed, documented, and promoted security "best practises," rules, standards, and procedures for SQL environments that were adopted throughout the firm.
  • Suggested and implemented backup strategies which greatly increased overall productivity
  • Scheduled backups for databases and transaction log across different environments using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Identified Input/Output, memory bottlenecks, blocking, and deadlocks caused by complex queries using SQL Server Activity Monitor and Dynamic Management Views (DMV)
  • Effectively used third-party tools for troubleshooting issues and providing ad-hoc reports to complete complex tasks quickly.



Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science | Indraprastha University , Lucknow | 2011


Certificates : Microsoft Certified Database Administrator | Oracle Certified Database Administrator

Technical Skills: MS Office | ETL | SQL | NET | SSRS



Languages Known : English & Hindi 

~References and other document’s available upon request ~


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