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Correctional Treatment Specialist - Resume Example & Template

Correctional Treatment specialists are human services workers that aim to provide social services to people that are incarcerated. Their primary goal is to help people in the prison to reintegrate back into society as smoothly and successfully as possible. They act as a liaison between the correction system and the various social service agencies. They help parolees to make connections and find resources needed for making the transition to independent living.

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CORRECTIONAL TREATMENT SPECIALIST-leveraging 5+ years of experience

Vigilant correctional treatment specialist, experienced in investigating, supervising, reporting, and formulating rehabilitation plans for convicts on probation. Trained at managing parolees or released convicts and helping them with finding suitable counseling sessions, housing, and jobs.   



  • Skilled at formulating rehabilitation plans as per the comfort of probation convicts
  • Competent at identifying potential behavioral or emotional assistance required by the convicts and assist in finding the appropriate counselor 
  • Expert in providing education facilities to the convicts who need it
  • Experience backed skills in efficiently investigating and keeping a check on the released parolees, and reporting their behavioral advances if any
  • Proven abilities in observing the behavior of inmates to assess their willingness to adhere to parole conditions and craft further treatment plans accordingly



  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Support
  • Family Therapy Support 
  • Group Therapy Support
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Support
  • Career Counselling Suport  
  • Drug Abuse Treatment Support
  • Sports Education Support 
  • Academic Education Support 
  • Residential Aid Support  



Boem, Hyderabad I Jan. 2023 – Present

Correctional Treatment Specialist 

  • Independently conduct group guidance sessions for the parolees that deal with institutional adjustment, Parole commission, release planning, and interpersonal communications, 
  • Conduct individual counseling sessions varying in methods and intensity relevant to the individual's problems that focus on helping the individual offender understand and live within the complex family circumstances and assist in developing new adjustment techniques
  • Help the offender view problems objectively and to deal with them realistically
  • Routinely deal with community resources to secure information and develop release plans
  • Prepare special progress reports for such consideration as parole, transfer, restoration of forfeited good time, and make appropriate recommendations
  • Correspond with attorneys, judges, probation and parole officers, and other professionals regarding the inmate's case
  • Undertake diagnostic studies, responsible for collecting, interpreting, and evaluating factual information reflecting developmental and circumstantial factors for the assigned caseload of inmates


Great Falls Pre-Release Center, Hyderabad I Dec. 2020 – Dec 2022

Correctional Treatment Specialist  

  • Acted in a liaison capacity with other units and institutional employees on matters concerning inmate behavior
  • Served as the primary liaison with the Parole Commission in reporting the inmate's program progress, readiness or lack of readiness for release, and resources in the community relevant to the desirability of his release
  • Actively developed program planning by presenting cases to the Unit Team and coordinating case management services with other correctional disciplines
  • Responsible for maintaining the security of the institution
  • Assisted in case management services, collection, verification, and analysis of information in the preparation of social histories reflecting the nature and extent of problematic behavior, current social problems, and causative factors
  • Wrote correspondence and preparation of correspondence and responses to various sources, including Attorneys and Judges
  • Determined inmate needs and program goals for individuals and monitored the progress of the programs


Correctional Complex, Hyderabad I Oct. 2018 – Oct. 2019

Sex Offender Treatment Specialist

  • Conducted evidence-based treatment to a caseload of 12-15 individuals
  • Completed a variety of documentation to include agency-approved risk and needs assessments, initial treatment plans, progress notes, a treatment summary, and other documentation as needed
  • Treated an assigned caseload of adult sex offenders with high needs in mental health and/or cognitive functioning
  • Facilitated group and individual therapy sessions for 8-12 assigned group members with high responsivity needs in mental health and/or cognitive functioning
  • Documented agency-approved assessment, initial treatment plans, progress notes, and a comprehensive treatment summary for external distribution
  • Ensured that clients notified and invited appropriate support persons to the Family Support Seminar event
  • Met with client support persons to educate and answer questions
  • Assessed and completed documentation on an assigned caseload of adult male sex offenders
  • Initiated behavioral changes in clients, conducted specialty groups and collaborated with Risk Management Staff to assist the transition of sex offenders
  • Presented the caseload information to committees related to client planning, risk management issues, and transition


State Job Bank, Hyderabad I Jul. 2017 – Sept 2018

Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist

  • Conducted behavioral therapy model of drug abuse treatment and criminality
  • Educated prison staff about drug abuse, drug, and psycho-social assessments as the basis for individual treatment
  • Attended meetings with supervisors, other drug treatment DATSs, the unit team, etc., to share information, knowledge, ideas, and responsibility for maintaining the security of the institution
  • Oversaw educational placements including scheduling of contacts and monitoring school performance through appropriate procedures
  • Informed convicts of requirements for parole and/or conditional release, such as office visits, restitution payments, educational and employment stipulations
  • Assisted convicts with locating appropriate housing prior to leaving the Center
  • Participated in the screening process of new referrals to the Center as needed



  • Education – MA (Behavioral Health) Era University Hyderabad 2017
  • BA (Psychology) Christ University 2015



Languages Known: English & Hindi 



~References and other documents available upon request ~



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