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Corporate Communications Officer - Resume Example & Template

A Corporate Communication Officer is responsible for managing and enhancing the public image and reputation of a company or organisation. They develop and implement communication strategies to effectively convey the company's messages to various stakeholders, including employees, investors, customers, the media, and the general public. This role involves creating and distributing press releases, managing social media and online presence, handling media inquiries, and coordinating public relations campaigns. Corporate Communication Officers also play a vital role in crisis management, helping the organisation navigate and respond to potential reputational challenges. They work closely with senior management to ensure that the company's communication aligns with its strategic goals and values, fostering transparency and trust both internally and externally.

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CORPORATE COMMUNICATION OFFICER -leveraging 8+ years of experience

A strategic Corporate Communication Officer with a proven track record of elevating brand reputation and fostering meaningful connections with diverse stakeholders. With expertise in crafting compelling narratives, orchestrating impactful campaigns, and leveraging multi-channel communication strategies, dedicated to conveying the organisation's vision and values effectively.


  • Results-driven approach in developing and executing comprehensive communication strategies aligned with business objectives, leveraging a deep understanding of market trends and stakeholder expectations.
  • Proficient in harnessing various communication channels, including digital platforms, traditional media, and events, to reach target audiences with engaging and relevant messages.
  • Adept at managing internal and external communication initiatives, thrive in dynamic environments where innovation, collaboration, and clear messaging intersect.
  • Excels at leading cross-functional teams, fostering a collaborative environment that empowers individuals to contribute their best.
  • Demonstrates a strong ability to conceptualising and implementing creative communication campaigns that capture attention, drive engagement, and cultivate a positive public perception.


  • Corporate Communications 
  • Media Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Internal & External Messaging
  • Crisis Communication
  • Analytical Skills
  • Writing and Editing Content
  • Press Release Development
  • Communication Skills


Tres Corporation, Mumbai | Nov 2020 - Present 

Corporate Communication Officer

  • Creating compelling and consistent internal communications messages that align with the company's mission, values, and strategic goals.
  • Developing initiatives to engage employees, fostering a sense of belonging, and communicating company updates, achievements, and events.
  • Overseeing the organisation's intranet platform, ensuring it's up-to-date, user-friendly, and a central hub for internal communication.
  • Assisting in developing crisis communication strategies and materials to ensure effective communication during challenging times.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with media outlets, responding to media inquiries, and drafting press releases to generate positive coverage.
  • Planning and executing PR campaigns to promote the company's achievements, milestones, and industry involvement.
  • Managing the organisation's social media presence, curating content, responding to comments, and monitoring trends to enhance brand visibility.
  • Collaborating with the marketing team to ensure the company's website accurately represents its messaging, values, and offerings.
  • Developing and maintaining a clear and consistent corporate messaging strategy that resonates with both internal and external audiences.
  • Upholding the company's brand voice and style in all communications, ensuring alignment with the brand identity.
  • Monitoring and analysing the effectiveness of communication efforts using metrics such as engagement rates, media mentions, and website traffic.
  • Seeking feedback from internal and external stakeholders to continuously improve communication strategies and tactics.

ABC Corporation, Mumbai | May 2017 - Oct 2020

Corporate Communication Specialist

  • Developed high-quality written content for various communication channels, including articles, blog posts, press releases, social media posts, and internal communications.
  • Assisted in the creation and distribution of internal communication materials such as newsletters, memos, and announcements to keep employees informed and engaged.
  • Edited and proofread communication materials to ensure accuracy, clarity, and adherence to brand guidelines.
  • Assisted in planning and executing communication strategies for corporate events, conferences, and webinars to maximise attendance and engagement.
  • Monitored media coverage, compiled press mentions, and tracked industry trends to keep the team informed about relevant news and opportunities.
  • Managed and curated content for social media platforms, engaged with the audience, responded to comments, and tracked trends to enhance the company's online presence.
  • Conducted research to gather information, statistics, and insights to support content development and communication strategies.

Hammer Industries, Mumbai | May 2015 - Apr 2017

Internal Communication Specialist

  • Created, edited, and refined internal communication messages that effectively conveyed company updates, announcements, and information to employees.
  • Developed and executed initiatives that promoted employee engagement, motivation, and a sense of belonging within the organization.
  • Utilised a variety of communication channels, such as email, digital displays, town hall meetings, and internal social networks, to reach different employee groups effectively.
  • Assisted in communicating changes, organizational initiatives, and strategic shifts to employees, ensuring clear understanding and alignment.
  • Developed communication plans for internal events, workshops, and employee recognition programs to ensure maximum participation and engagement.
  • Partnered with cross-functional teams, including HR, Marketing, and Management, to ensure alignment of internal communication with broader company goals.


  • Analysing Feedback and Fostering Development at UPES, Dehradun | 2015
  • Collaboration with Media and Relationship Development at School of Modern Media, Delhi | 2014
  • Curating the Perfect Content for Media & Publications at UPES, Dehradun | 2014



  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, University of Petroleum and Science, Dehradun, Jul 2012 - Apr 2015 


Languages Known- English, and Hindi 


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