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Community Health Worker - Resume Example & Template

A community health worker is an official appointed by the community members. They aim to provide basic healthcare and medical facilities in their respective communities. They also undertake various initiatives related to the medical field like community healthcare education, vaccination support, and many others keeping in mind public welfare as their main objective.

Resume of Community Health Worker in Text Format


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COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER-leveraging 5+ years of experience

Diligent community health worker dedicated to helping physically ill people of the community by providing them appropriate healthcare required. Possesses medical efficiency and aims to implement preventive measures to avoid people from falling ill on an occasional basis. Also participates in undertaking activities for community welfare in the field of medical healthcare.    



  • Proficient at providing medical assistance to liable patients and reviewing clinically administered tests to ensure a thorough assessment of the patient’s health profile
  • Competent at identifing the potential disease and illness breakout suffered by a patient
  • Expert in providing medication and other treatment facilities according to the degree of the patient’s physical health deterioration
  • Experienced to attend to patients’ complaints, examining attentively, and coming up with effective treatment techniques
  • Accomplished in initiating activities to support community healthcare like building proper sanitation facilities 



  • Social Service 
  • Electronic Health Record Support 
  • Health Education Support 
  • Medical Diagnostic Support
  • Vaccination Campaign Support  
  • Medical Survey support
  • Diet Chart Requirement Support 
  • Healthcare Database System Support 
  • Legal Healthcare Support 



International Rescue Committee, Bangalore I Jan. 2023 – Present

Community Healthcare Worker 

  • Assist the COVID-19 team within the Health Department with comprehensive, linguistically, and culturally appropriate, COVID outreach to RIM communities
  • Act as a COVID Champion within the  community, leveraging social networks and positions as trusted conduits, to disseminate vaccination campaign materials, education materials, COVID mitigation education materials and promote and vaccination sites and education events
  • Facilitate activities designed to gather data about COVID-19 knowledge, attitudes, and practices, particularly related to vaccine hesitancy and acceptance in different populations and how these change over time
  • Review, edit, and provide material feedback on produced content and other materials
  • Record relevant data according to specific project guidelines
  • Interview clients and their families and coordinate programs and activities to meet their social and emotional needs
  • Provide crisis intervention and assists families in understanding the implications and complexities of the medical situation and its impact on lifestyle
  • Coordinate the plan of care among all members of the healthcare team


Community Health Systems, Bangalore I Jan. 2020 – Dec 2022

Medical Social Worker  

  • Coordinated services and discharge planning, patient/family teaching, and monitored cost-effective health care across the continuum of care
  • Completed all initial assessments within 24 hours of admission
  • Successfully met resource management expectations, assisted to reduce practice variations, and enhanced patient outcomes
  • Identified and initiated referrals for social service programs; including financial, psychosocial, community, and state supportive services
  • Acted as a liaison to Medicaid members to ensure that appropriate care is accessed as well as provided home and social assessments and member education
  • Addressed social determinant of health such as transportation, housing, and food access


Walmart, Bangalore I Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2019

Community Health Worker

  • Assessed, planned, and implemented care strategies that are individualized by the patient and directed toward the most appropriate, least restrictive level of care
  • Utilized both company and community-based resources to establish a safe and effective case management plan for members
  • Communicated the required health-related information to all the stakeholders to ensure quality coordinated care and services are provided expeditiously to all members
  • Advocated for patients and families as needed to ensure that the patient's needs and choices are fully represented and supported by the healthcare team
  • Documented all member assessments, and care plans, and provided referrals
  • Participated in interdisciplinary team meetings and Utilization Management rounds and provided information to assist with safe transitions of care
  • Understood insurance products, benefits, coverage limitations, insurance, and governmental regulations as it applies to the health plan


Spring Branch Community Health Center, Bangalore I Oct. 2017 – Oct. 2018

Community Health Worker 

  • Worked with the patient population and was responsible for maintaining a recall list of patients due for preventative health screenings
  • Provided patient navigation services via phone or during clinic visits to reduce each patient's barriers to completion of screening
  • Contributed towards patient education by phone and/or via correspondence
  • Helped to identify and reduce barriers such as transportation, access to/knowledge of the mail system, fear of outcomes, the cultural importance of screening, and cost of follow-up care
  • Coordinated with the interdisciplinary healthcare team to ensure high-quality comprehensive care is provided to patients
  • Assisted the clinical team to track results for patients that have benefited from the recall list or patient navigation service
  • Provided biweekly reports as to the outcomes of the patient interventions and was responsible for organizing and mailing client reminders
  • Distributed outreach materials in the community to patients, organizations, churches, apartment complexes and businesses to build awareness about the services offered 
  • Participated in, coordinated, and/or attended community events such as health fairs and community forums 



  • Education – Diploma (Community Healthcare) IISc Bangalore 2017
  • B.Sc (Nursing) T. John College 2015



Languages Known: English & Hindi 



~References and other documents available upon request ~


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