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Chief Sales Officer - Resume Example & Template

A Chief Sales Officer (CSO) is a top-level executive responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of a company's sales operations. Their primary role is to develop and execute sales strategies that drive revenue growth and profitability. CSOs lead sales teams, set sales targets and quotas, and establish sales processes and methodologies to ensure efficient and effective sales operations. They collaborate with other departments, such as marketing and product development, to align sales strategies with overall business goals and customer needs. CSOs also monitor sales performance through data analysis and reporting, adjusting as needed to achieve sales targets. 

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CHIEF SALES OFFICER -leveraging 14+ years of experience

A sales leader with a proven track record of transforming sales organisations into revenue-generating powerhouses. With 14+ years of experience in senior sales management roles, have consistently propelled companies to achieve and exceed revenue targets while cultivating a culture of high performance and collaboration. Strong expertise in developing and executing dynamic sales strategies, building, and leading top-performing teams, and forging strong client relationships to drive business growth. 


  • A driver of double-digit sales growth with a proven track record of developing and executing comprehensive sales strategies that aligned with market trends, resulting in enhanced market positioning and increased market share.
  • Proficient in analysing sales data and metrics to make informed decisions and optimise sales performance.
  • Expertise in successfully driving digital transformation initiatives, leveraging emerging technologies to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement.
  • Excel in collaborating with external partners, and vendors which aids in identifying untapped markets and spearheading successful market entry strategies.
  • Demonstrate hands-on expertise in negotiating complex deals and contracts to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Experience-backed skills in conducting in-depth market analysis and competitor intelligence to identify new growth opportunities and tailor sales approaches accordingly.


  • Strategic Sales Leadership
  • Strategic Partnership & Alliances
  • Budget and Resource Management
  • New Market Penetration
  • Forecasting and Analysis
  • Revenue Growth 
  • Sales Process Optimisation
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Sales Department Leadership


Duster Group Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad | Jan 2020 - Present 

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

  • Developing and executing a comprehensive sales strategy that aligns with the company's overall business goals and objectives.
  • Setting clear expectations, providing coaching, and conducting performance evaluations to optimise team performance.
  • Identifying market opportunities, targeting segments, and competitive positioning to drive revenue growth.
  • Leading, mentoring, and motivating the sales team to consistently meet and exceed sales targets.
  • Fostering a high-performance sales culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.
  • Overseeing the execution of sales activities, ensuring effective lead generation, prospecting, and sales conversion processes.
  • Collaborating with marketing, product, and other departments to align sales efforts with product launches, promotions, and market trends.
  • Personally, engaging in strategic sales discussions and negotiations with key clients and partners.
  • Implementing and managing sales processes, CRM systems, and tools to enhance efficiency and data-driven decision-making.
  • Analysing sales data and metrics to identify areas for improvement and adjust strategies as necessary.
  • Ensuring accurate forecasting and reporting of sales results to the executive team.
  • Building and nurturing strong relationships with key customers, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Addressing customer concerns, inquiries, and feedback in a timely and professional manner.
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction levels and implementing strategies to enhance customer retention.
  • Leveraging market insights to identify new opportunities and develop innovative sales approaches.
  • Collaborating with marketing, product, finance, and other teams to drive synergies and optimise business outcomes.

Trekker Industries, Faridabad | May 2016 - Dec 2019

Director- Sales

  • Collaborated with senior management to set sales targets, revenue objectives, and market penetration strategies.
  • Managed the sales budget, allocated resources effectively to support sales initiatives and maximized return on investment.
  • Ensured efficient resource utilisation and cost-effective strategies.
  • Developed and delivered training programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of the sales team.
  • Provided ongoing coaching and supported team members to ensure they are equipped to excel in their roles.
  • Provided insights to shape product development, pricing strategies, and go-to-market plans.
  • Identified and pursued new business opportunities, markets, and partnerships to expand the customer base and revenue streams.
  • Provided detailed and actionable reports to senior leadership on sales performance, trends, and recommendations.
  • Utilised data-driven insights and refined sales strategies to identify growth opportunities.
  • Cultivated and maintained strong relationships with key clients, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Oversaw sales operations, including lead generation, prospecting, pipeline management, and deal closing.
  • Led the development of strategies to penetrate new markets and industries.

Tencent Industries, Faridabad | May 2011 - Apr 2016

Assistant Director - Sales

  • Contributed to the execution of projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within scope, and according to quality standards.
  • Assisted the Sales Director in developing and executing sales strategies aligned with business goals and market trends.
  • Collaborated with team members to ensure effective execution of sales strategies and goals.
  • Monitored and analysed sales metrics to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Assisted in identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, partnerships, and markets.
  • Collaborated with the sales team to ensure customer satisfaction and identified upselling opportunities.
  • Participated in the development and delivery of training programs to enhance the skills of the sales team.
  • Contributed to the development and refinement of sales processes, methodologies, and tools.
  • Collaborated with the sales team to define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress against sales targets.


  • Generated Sales of 1,00,000 Rs. in 5 weeks.
  • Won the best Salesperson of the year award.
  • Made a record sale, in an entire organisation in all its operating regions.
  • Generated and converted a record lead of 100 people in 1 week. 



  • Master of Business Administration, Indian Institute of Management, Roorkee, Jul 2001 – Apr 2003
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Bajaj Insurance of Management, Delhi, Jul 1998 - Apr 2001 


Languages Known- English and Hindi


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