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Chemist - Resume Example & Template

A chemist test samples supporting process validations and cleaning validations (including proper documentation of all test results). They perform a variety of tests and use different techniques to conduct experiments on organic and inorganic compounds. They are analytical, detail oriented, logical, and dedicated to furthering scientific knowledge and improving processes and products.

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CHEMIST-leveraging 6+ years of experience

Fine-skilled chemist proficient in studying substances at the atomic and molecular levels, and analyzing the ways in which the substances interact with each other. Experienced in developing new, improved products and conducting quality tests as and when required. Specializes in various areas of study including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, and many others.             



  • Experience in planning and carrying out complex research projects, such as the development of new products and testing methods 
  • Talented in analyzing substances to determine their composition and concentration of elements
  • Prompt in instructing scientists and technicians on proper chemical processing and testing procedures, like ingredients, mixing times, and operating temperatures
  • Competent in presenting research findings to scientists, engineers, and other colleagues



  • DNA Modulation 
  • Compatible Business Model Development 
  • Skin Care Product Composition
  • Pharmacology 
  • Fuel Composition
  • Teaching
  • Crime Scene Chemical Investigation
  • Autopsy Assistance
  • Drug Composition



Solvay, Pune I Feb. 2023 – Present


  • Execute detailed experimental plans for the synthesis & processing of polymers at the lab scale
  • Provide experimental observations and preliminary data and analysis to research scientists
  • Prepare and submit samples for testing, and collect, organize data, and communicate to research scientists
  • Document the conducted experiments and their subsequent results
  • Operate and maintain relevant equipment, instrumentation, and experimental techniques
  • Conduct preventative maintenance on laboratory equipment, including specifying and getting quotes on parts, installations, and repairs from outside resources
  • Maintain a safe work environment for self and others
  • Participate in peer and area coordinator safety audits and attends all required safety meetings & training
  • Maintain relevant certified operator status and adheres to relevant work area standard operating procedures and processes


LLNL, Pune I Jan. 2020 – Jan 2023

Process Chemist

  • Collaborated with principal investigators and scientific and technical staff in explosives research and programmatic/experimental activities for surveillance and aging studies, physical and chemical characterization, and detonation science 
  • Addressed programmatic and research and development needs in energetic materials
  • Worked with scientists, engineers and technical personnel to provide scientific support to various programmatic tasks and explosives research efforts with emphasis on chemistry, manufacturing, and processing of high explosives and special explosives parts
  • Performed operations with chemistry processing systems including grinding, sieving, melt casting, vacuum casting, injection molding, mixing, slurry coating, pressing and synthesis, and fulfill duties such as room responsibilities for work cells and bays
  • Contributed to aging and compatibility work by preparing assemblies containing explosives, polymers, and metals, performing gas-extraction, recording results, and communicating with colleagues and supervisors
  • Acquired, analyzed, interpreted data, and reported results on projects involving processing of explosives
  • Provided solutions to fundamental problems of limited complexity related to processing of explosives
  • Conducted, coordinated, and documented procedures and peer reviews
  • Performed work as an explosives handler, and routinely worked hands-on with energetic materials of all types
  • Undertook other managerial duties as assigned
  • Provided chemistry knowledge to junior technicians to resolve technical and programmatic issues
  • Conducted independent technical tasks to provide solutions for a diverse range of moderate to complex issues
  • Selected methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria to obtain results based on analysis of multiple, largely identifiable factors


Bio Spectra, Pune I Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2020

Environmental Chemist

  • Conducted all environmental monitoring, sampling, and testing of process rooms, utilities, and equipment from development studies to equipment release including sanitation assessments
  • Assisted with the establishment, execution, and maintenance of a compliant environmental monitoring program
  • Performed static and dynamic monthly and for-cause environmental monitoring sampling including departmental schedule coordination and requesting any subsequent  activities from respective departments
  • Contributed to quarterly process room and annual utility environmental monitoring including but not limited to viable and non-viable particle counts, air sampling, surface sampling, compressed gas sampling, and air filter performance
  • Performs in-process testing for process development and manufacturing projects as related to environmental monitoring in order to establish baseline data for action and alert limits
  • Made recommendations for continuous improvement related to the observations obtained during performance of environmental monitoring
  • Performed continuous process monitoring for environmental monitoring data collected in order to summarize results and provide conclusions when writing final reports in a timely manner after execution is completed
  • Established and continuously improved all procedures related to all aspects of environmental monitoring to ensure the latest industry trends and requirements are captured and executed appropriately
  • Ensured adherence to regulatory standards, internal master plans, and procedures associated with environmental monitoring


Clean Harbors, Pune I Oct. 2017 – Oct. 2018

Environmental Field Chemist

  • Handled, segregated, packed, and inspected chemical waste in accordance with the company regulations and policies, and procedures
  • Worked both indoors and outdoors at plants, labs, customer sites and was responsible for assisting with lab packs within customer facilities, household hazardous waste collections, and lab moves
  • Ensured that health and safety is the number one priority by complying with all safe work practices, policies, and processes and always acting in a safe manner
  • Prepared computer-generated packing lists, labels, manifest, and land disposal restriction notifications
  • Performed inspections of staging, accumulating, and storage areas to ensure proper housekeeping procedures and compliance
  • Inspected storage area and drums for leaks or spills and for compliance with labeling regulations
  • Collected, segregated, and properly packaged waste chemicals for disposal to maximize efficiency and maintain compliance
  • Executed jobs at customer locations including fortune 500 companies
  • Conducted final preparation and approval of all projects before shipment in accordance with company policies
  • Undertook projects/jobs according to site-specific Federal, State, and local regulations and health and safety plans
  • Understood customer-specific disposal restrictions and special packaging requirements
  • Sampled and profiled new waste streams or any waste needing analytical testing
  • Ensured drum count is correct and that drum conditions are shippable in accordance the company's policies and procedure
  • Safely observed all corporate operating guidelines and procedures
  • Observed all company environmental health and safety operating guidelines



  • Education – M.Sc. (Chemistry) Fergusson College Pune 2017
  • B.Sc. (Chemistry) Fergusson College Pune 2015



Languages Known: English & Hindi 



~References and other documents available upon request ~


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