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Cartographer - Resume Example & Template

A cartographer collects, measures, and interprets geographic information in order to create and update maps and charts for regional planning, education, and other purposes. They use information from geodetic surveys and remote-sensing systems, including aerial cameras and satellites. Some also use light-imaging detection and ranging (LIDAR) technology. LIDAR systems use lasers attached to planes or cars to digitally map the topography of the Earth. As LIDAR is often more accurate than traditional surveying methods, it can also be used to collect other forms of data, such as the location and density of forests.

Resume of Cartographer in Text Format


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CARTOGRAPHER-leveraging 6+ years of experience

Fine-skilled and detail-oriented cartographer experienced in collecting and analysing geographical data such as population density, demographic characteristics, and precipitation patterns. Expert in sourcing data from ground surveys, reports, aerial photographs, and satellite images to prepare thematic maps. Experienced in helping governments with urban and regional planning and environmental condition monitoring. Able to map to communicate spatial information. 



  • Proficient in researching, collecting, storing, retrieving, evaluating and manipulating data
  • Efficient in designing maps and checking the accuracy of maps
  • Experience in liaising with information providers, clients and external contacts
  • Ability to access and use aerial photographs and satellite images



  • Urban Planning
  • Regional Planning 
  • Climate Monitoring
  • Map Application Software Development 
  • National Defence 
  • Highway Construction
  • Agricultural 
  • Natural Resource Planning 
  • Travel 



Upwork, New Delhi I Feb. 2023 – Present


  • Design, develop, and manage the GIS database and database management system, including the conversion of thematic source maps from analog to digital form
  • Use integrating computer models and other tools with biological and physical scientific knowledge and resources management practices, conduct analysis of geo-referenced data to determine resources conditions and trends, model expected or predicted results of alternative management actions and work to resolve management issues
  • Maintain hardware, peripherals, GPS units, network, and GIS operating systems such as ArcGis Field Maps and tablet software
  • Implement program to ensure the security and currency of GIS hardware and software including system administration and maintenance
  • Coordinate the acquisition and management of GIS data with other federal, state, and local Resources offices and the academic community
  • Work cooperatively with land-use planners and others in the private sector on issues and GIS applications of mutual concern and application
  • Systemize and manage data collection priorities, funding mechanisms, and joint projects
  • Prepare GIS plans, data dictionaries, resources management plan project statements related to GIS, project proposals, GIS-related contract and agreement specifications, and written reports
  • Work on repetitive features of assigned work and applied standard practices of scientific data acquisition and analysis standards, methods, and recording techniques on the collection and summation of data


AmeriCorps, New Delhi I Jan. 2020 – Jan 2023


  • Analysed full waveform lidar data and remote sensing imagery using lidar and geospatial data analysis software
  • Lead the planning and operations of photogrammetric surveys of coastal areas and used manned and unmanned aircraft-systems
  • Created and published lidar and photogrammetrically structure-form-motion-derived digital data products in standard data and metadata formats
  • Trained and directed junior support staff and processed and analysed full waveform lidar and photogrammetric data including aerial, satellite and underwater imagery
  • Maintained state-of-the-art techniques, instrumentation, and technology
  • Operated a government vehicle as an incidental driver
  • Occasional travelled for field work and attended scientific conferences and/or met with collaborators
  • Conducted field work that involved walking, bending, climbing, and lifting of equipment weighing up to 30 pounds
  • Work required observance of safety precautions


Fpac, New Delhi I Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2020


  • Evaluated imagery options for GIS base layer updates and annual compliance purposes, which included, but were not limited to, satellite, direct digital, multi-spectral and temporal in a variety of resolutions and formats
  • Developed new procedures, practices and techniques in resolving problems where precedents are not applicable for digital cartographic products
  • Laid down procedures for creation of indices, status graphics, data themes and graphs
  • Identified and evaluated data sources for GIS applicability in their use in web services to support base layer mapping, compliance work, disaster support, and map products in accordance with national standards and agency guidelines
  • Troubleshot problems and offers solutions to technical problems that involved data formats, data conversions, data integration and manipulation, web service delivery, data and image analysis, and so forth
  • Revised agency cartographic standards and specifications
  • Prepared, stored, merged, manipulated and analyzed raster, vector, and terrain data
  • Presented at professional conferences and meetings on a variety of technical and programmatic subject matter
  • Formulated articles for professional journals and newsletters; develops brochures and pamphlets; and display materials for distribution, training and presentation


Man Tech, New Delhi I Oct. 2017 – Oct. 2018


  • Increased in-house production and contract production capacity, which will allow a more rapid response to the customer requests and enhancing the quality and accuracy of portfolio
  • Sourced evaluation of rasterized nautical charts, digital hydrographic survey data, notices to mariners, orthocertified imagery, chart catalogs and a variety of open source or government furnished data sets, to produce project packages for in-house or contract production
  • Compiled and updated maritime features and attributes for the portfolio on ArcGIS based data capture and finishing environment workstations 
  • Extracted features from a variety of sources including but not necessarily limited to rasterized nautical charts, digital hydrographic survey data, orthocertified imagery, and chart catalogues
  • Wrote Python Scripts in ArcGIS to improve efficiency of the production process
  • Acquired, analysed, compiled, and disseminated safety information and intelligence to populate and update nautical databases to support the production programs
  • Referred to source material to update publications, updating and/or writing new entries, submitted work through the submission process, and met deadlines



  • Education – M.Sc. (Cartography) Hansraj College New Delhi 2017
  • B.Sc. (Geography) Hindu College New Delhi 2015



Languages Known: English & Hindi 



~References and other documents available upon request ~


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