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Biotechnologist - Resume Example & Template

A biotechnologist uses techniques of molecular biology to understand and manipulate the genetic, chemical, and physical components of living organisms in order to design products and processes that enhance the quality of human life. There are a number of areas biotechnologists can choose to specialize in, such as pharmacology, genetics or stem cell research.

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BIOTECHNOLOGIST-leveraging 6+ years of experience

Innovative biotechnologist with experience in working with biological organisms to create and improve products and processes. Potential to study genetics, chemical, and physical attributes of cells, tissues, and organisms, and utilize their practical usage. Skilled in preparing research reports and liaising with other teams members    



  • Capacity to collect, study and test samples such as food, cells, tissues, blood samples, bacteria cultures, and living organisms
  • Talented in designing and implementing research studies
  • Adroit in identifying how the research can be applied to improving human life
  • Ability to setting up the laboratory equipment to conduct and monitor experiments



  • Biochemistry Research
  • Cancer Studies
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Pharmacology
  • Marine Biology Research 
  • Biostatistician
  • Epidemiology Research
  • Biofuels
  • Microbiology



Legend Biotech Solutions, Kolkata I Feb. 2023 – Present

Microbiology Specialist

  • Responsible for performing routine sampling, including viable and non-viable air and surface sampling, related to the manufacturing of products for clinical trials and commercial operations in a controlled cleanroom environment
  • Perform routine environmental monitoring sampling of the facility to support clinical trials and commercial operations in a controlled environment
  • Work with the process development team, quality, and operations organization to successfully transfer the manufacturing process to the facility
  • Create, review, and approve relevant quality documents like statements of purpose and work instructions
  • Ensure microbiological control strategy is consistent with the organization’s requirements
  • Participate in training and delivery of operations aseptic technique and microbiology awareness training program
  • Support aseptic process simulations and visual inspection of components
  • Maintain, re-evaluate, and communicate key critical inputs to the site environmental monitoring program
  • Perform peer review and approval of laboratory data
  • Utilize electronic systems for execution and documentation of testing
  • Conducted tasks in a manner consistent with the safety policies, quality systems, and requirements
  • Work in a collaborative team setting with quality counterparts that include quality assurance, manufacturing operations, and analytical/process development
  • Assist lab manager in improving current plasmid prep protocol and procedure
  • Check stocks of required consumables enabling DNA preps
  • Transfer solvent and solid waste to appropriate collection containers as indicated per the statement of purpose 


Corteva, Kolkata I Jan. 2020 – Jan 2023

Biotechnologist Project Manager

  • Enabled the biotechnology operations team to facilitate delivery of competitive corn, soybean, wheat, or oilseed projects for the trait discovery phase in support of key business objectives 
  • Worked closely with the respective discovery assessment team leaders, biotechnology leaders, R&D Functional representative, and program management 
  • Successfully managed projects, established key milestones, performed resource planning, tracked milestones, managed risks and issues, and ensured cross-functional interactions and communications
  • Managed assigned projects to ensure efficient delivery of new traits and technologies through the consistent application of best project/portfolio management principles, business analysis, and budget/resource planning
  • Developed resource and budget forecasts and monitor actuals for the assigned projects
  • Provided leadership and direction for the identification and mediation of conflicts due to changes to project or program scope, resource needs, timing, or budget
  • Supply the project team with project management expertise, including a contribution of information and recommendations to strategic planning, project/program status reports, dashboards, budget monitoring/reporting, resource management, and issue resolution assistance
  • Operationalized technical strategy in support of trait product development
  • Coordinated with R&D leadership, scientists, and team members in the planning and efficient execution of laboratory and field trials for successful stage-gate project advancements
  • Analyzed project schedules and resource allocation to informed decision-making to meet milestones and budget requirements
  • Ensured project plans capture IP strategy, documented contract milestones, and built-in compliance with contracts and product stewardship requirements
  • Accounted for managing projects utilizing project management methodology, portfolio management processes, business analysis, and budget/resource planning to define project scope, goals, and deliverables and manage projects
  • Facilitated identification and monitoring of risks and implementation of risk mitigation and contingency plans on a regular basis


Ark Biotech, Kolkata I Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2020

Research Associate- Tissue Engineer

  • Developed and maintained comprehensive project/science plans, reports, work breakdown structures, Gantt charts, resource, and budget plans to coordinate cross-functional project execution broadly across all relevant organizational groups
  • Positively influenced the meeting of milestones and deadlines across multiple years, projects, and geographies
  • Worked with project teams to identify project dependencies and analyze the critical path
  • Resolved and/or escalated issues in a timely fashion
  • Collaborated with the project teams to prepare for stage gate transitions and advancement decisions by the governance body
  • Facilitated team and stakeholder meetings and manage documentation
  • Conducted project post-mortems and facilitated project closures
  • Worked with the process science team to support cultivated meat cell culture maintenance and scale-up, in both static and small-scale dynamic cultures as well as pilot-scale proprietary systems
  • Conducted routine wet-lab work, experimental design, process development, troubleshooting, documentation, and data analysis for cell expansion and differentiation
  • Performed scaffold-based tissue engineering techniques and product characterization
  • Maintained a safe and productive lab environment while executing protocols related to cultivated meat production and bioreactor design
  • Initiated high-quality data management, analysis, and communication 
  • Assembled, sterilized and inoculated prototype and pilot-scale bioreactors
  • Performed scaffold fabrication, sterilization, inoculation, and characterization and developed processes for scaffold-based cell proliferation and differentiation
  • Executed assays to characterize in vitro tissues e.g., immunocytochemistry, imaging, DNA quantification
  • Worked closely with the rapid prototyping team to iterate on bioreactor designs
  • Ordered, organized, documented, and maintained inventories of reagents, supplies, and equipment
  • Maintained an organized and accurate lab notebook and data documentation


IQVIA, Kolkata I Oct. 2017 – Oct. 2018

Senior Clinical Research Associate 

  • Participated in the preparation and execution of  clinical trials
  • Oversaw the progress of clinical investigations by conducting site evaluation, initiation, and interim close-out visits to sites
  • Monitored clinical trials in accordance with good clinical practices and procedures set forth by research facility and sponsors
  • Worked closely with the clinical trial manager, and  to ensure all monitoring activities are conducted according to study requirements
  • Evaluated the capability of the site to successfully manage and conduct the clinical study
  • Obtained regulatory documentation for successful implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of clinical trials
  • Monitored activities and study close-out activities.
  • Trained site staff on the systems and verify site computer system.
  • Assisted in resolving any issues to ensure compliance with site file audits and assured adherence to good clinical practices, investigator integrity, and compliance with all study procedures through on-site monitoring visits
  • Performed validation of source documentation as required by the sponsors
  • Assembled monitoring reports and letters as per the timelines defined by using approved sponsor templates and reports.
  • Performed investigational product inventory
  • Ensured the return of unused materials to a designated location or verified destruction as required.
  • Reviewed the quality and integrity of the clinical data through in-house review of electronic data and on-site source verification
  • Collaborated with sites to resolve data queries



  • Education – M.Sc. (Biology) St. Xavier’s College Kolkata 2017
  • B.Sc. (Biotechnology) St. Xavier’s College Kolkata 2015



Languages Known: English & Hindi 



~References and other documents available upon request ~


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