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Biologist - Resume Example & Template

A biologist studies organisms and plant life to learn more about their composition, behaviors, habitats, and how they interact with other organisms and their environment. They conduct research, collect samples and measurements, perform tests and experiments, and interpret and report their findings. They are well-equipped to conduct biological survey fieldwork and create pertinent reports for further analysis.

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BIOLOGIST-leveraging 6+ years of experience

Diligent biologist with expertise in studying humans, plants, animals, and the habitat they reside in. Proficient in conducting studies in related fields like human medical research, plant research, animal research, environmental system research, and many more. The scope of study ranges from the cellular level to the ecological level. Interested in studying various organisms, their composition, behaviors, habitats, and how they interact with other organisms and their environments.     



  • Skilled in  researching, identifying, classifying, and studying plants, animals, and ecosystems
  • Conducted sample collection, took measurements, and photographed or sketching organisms
  • Adroit in monitoring and managing wildlife populations and invasive plants and animals
  • Ability to write research papers and articles explaining their findings 



  • Dissection 
  • Biochemistry Research
  • Pesticide and Fertilizer Composition
  • HYV Seed Production Formulation
  • Medical Technology Research
  • Bioscience Data Analysis
  • Disease Demographic Study
  • Cellular investigation
  • Tissue Investigation



WSP, Bangalore I Feb. 2023 – Present


  • Conduct field activities including plant and wildlife identification, threatened and endangered species surveys, wetland surveys, native plant surveys, and many more
  • Utilize GPS, tablet, compass, quad maps, and/or aerial photographs to conduct successful research and experimentation
  • Contribute to researching literature and regulatory requirements, preparing field reports, maps, and charts, and performing routine calculations
  • Follow company safety standards and site safety standards in accordance with the company’s related policies
  • Travel to project sites throughout the areas close to the office working locations
  • Collect accurate and complete observational and spatial data in the field, and record data in required formats
  • Prioritize, organize, and perform multiple work assignments simultaneously
  • Analyse compounds using a range of analytical techniques
  • Demonstrate proficiency in interpreting basic data sets and providing summaries
  • Conduct electronic searches for applicable methods and related procedures
  • Drive basic research toward the clinic at a fast pace
  • Independently design, execute, and analyse experiments within our top-notch laboratory
  • Communicate findings and implications to small core teams and senior leadership
  • Critically think about and help drive overall pre-clinical strategy 


Chenega Corporations, Bangalore I Jan. 2020 – Jan 2023

Marine Biologist

  • Assisted navy personnel with matters affecting terrestrial or marine natural resources including threatened and endangered species, protected species, and ecosystems at navy, marine corps, and other department of defence
  • Provided support that included biological surveys and fieldwork, preparation of technical documents and studies, and review of draft documents and studies for the terrestrial or marine resource program areas:
  • Coordinated formal and informal consultations including fish and wildlife service, marine fisheries service, other state and federal agencies and offices, and other consulting parties
  • Supported the preparation and review of sections of environmental planning documents that involve terrestrial or marine natural resources
  • Planned environmental documents including environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, categorical exclusions, and overseas environmental reports
  • Reviewed project designs and specifications to identify issues affecting terrestrial natural resources
  • Recommended possible compliance measures that the authority elected to implement to mitigate adverse effects
  • Assisted in monitoring threatened, endangered, and protected species monitoring programs and surveys at installations in the areas of responsibility
  • Contributed to administrative tasks, including cataloging and records retention of documents and studies, filing and organization, and routine program updates to the chain of command


Zai Lab Inc., Bangalore I Nov. 2018 – Nov. 2020

Cancer Biologist

  • Led small molecule discovery projects from target identification/validation to delivery of development candidate
  • Provided scientific and technical expertise in efforts to understand the mechanism of action and biology rationale to guide the selection of promising targets in the oncology space
  • Managed external studies to ensure the delivery of high-quality results and supported the business development team in evaluating in-license and partnership opportunities
  • Identified and integrated technologies that improved or expanded the ability to assess the mechanism of action of novel anticancer agents
  • Led an internal/external team of scientists in designing, and executing cancer biology experiments to assess the mode of action and therapeutic potential of novel or validated cancer targets
  • Ensured timely delivery of biology data to support key decision-making
  • Identified appropriate animal models and executed pharmacology studies to support the discovery project
  • Actively contributed to oncology drug discovery research programs, including identification and validation of new targets
  • Supported identification and prioritization of high-impact research activities
  • Established and managed relationships with external research collaborators
  • Ensured the high quality of research conducted externally and provided them guidance to maintain high productivity


WSW, Bangalore I Oct. 2017 – Oct. 2018

On-Call Biologist

  • Determined well-defined data collection methods for identifying and compiling observational and spatial data concerning a variety of vegetation, wetland, wildlife, marine, and terrestrials, as well as biological/environmental data from samples of air, soil, water, sludge, and other matrices for projects, investigations, and surveys
  • Used topographic maps, aerial photographs, GPS units, and other maps and tools to determine the exact locations of project areas, habitat types, and associated landforms
  • Prepared and assisted with completing biological survey reports, data entry, impact assessment and permitting activities for assigned projects 
  • Complied with regulatory requirements pertaining to data integrity, documentation, procedures, training, monitoring systems, reporting, and record compliance and retention
  • Performed professional biology work and conducted investigations, inspections, and environmental studies and surveys to gain further information on a particular environmental problem or issue, verify site characteristics, and plan for future environmental needs
  • Prepared data and visualizations such as tables, charts, accurate reports, and illustrations for the interpretation or presentation of data, findings, or analyses
  • Drafted technical reports and presentations that explain research, findings, and recommendations to address, prevent, control, or restore biological problems
  • Assisted with biological and environmental risk identification and impact assessment, offering input with moderate to high-level threat mitigation and permitting activities
  • Contributed to development and scoping of medium-sized projects, overseeing and working with cross-functional teams in executing project work
  • Interacted with regulatory agencies, subcontractors, and clients in a confident and professional manner
  • Conducted research as appropriate and assisted with proposal development
  • Remained current in latest biology subject matter and techniques
  • Exercised responsible and ethical decision-making regarding company funds, resources and conduct, and adhere to the company’s code of conduct and related policies and procedures
  • Performed additional responsibilities as required by business needs



  • Education – M.Sc. (Biology) IISc Bangalore 2017
  • B.Sc. (Biology) Christ University Bangalore 2015



Languages Known: English & Hindi 



~References and other documents available upon request ~


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