Negative feedback is when you receive criticism and negative comments.

Every one of us wants to receive only positive reviews and comments. However, the harsh reality is that we are all imperfect. We need criticism in our lives to constantly keep improving and becoming a better version of ourselves.

Q1. Is it okay to receive negative feedback?

Ans. It is indeed normal to receive negative comments. Actually, if you only get positive feedback it’s either because you are intimidating or the interviewer doesn’t care about you trying to improve yourself. On the other hand you also shouldn’t receive only negative feedback- but that would only mean that there is a lot of room for improvement. Comprehend the key issues and make the interviewer believe that you are the kind of person who doesn’t stop till things are perfect. Show your passion and not your anger. Evaluate the feedback objectively and respond as politely as possible.

Q2. How should I respond?

Ans. The criticism should always be received positively. Do not take it emotionally or to your heart. It is not a personal attack or an attempt to damage your reputation. The feedback received is actually to help you perform better the next time. You surely won’t make the same mistakes once someone whom you don’t know has pointed them out to you. The comments should be considered as a stepping stone towards improving yourself because at this age everyone is a work in progress.

While receiving such feedback it is not wise to respond immediately. Think before you act should be your go to mantra. Carefully consider what your interviewer is trying to express and definitely do not put your guard on and start to act defensive. The interviewer needs to see whether you are open minded or not, it is one of the key personality traits required. Never try to prove that the interviewer is wrong, that reflects poorly on your personality. You can also apologise once if necessary, sincerely and maturely. Don’t let these criticisms hold you back the next time, they are a part of life.

Follow up only if necessary.

Q3. How to overcome my shortcomings?

Ans. Ask questions to clarify how exactly you should go about improving yourself. To the interviewer this will seem as you are taking the criticism in good sport. It is important to stay positive and focused no matter what. Here are the following steps:

  1. Analyse your weaknesses with a deep thought process
  2. Don’t hesitate to reply but reply calmly and politely
  3. Ensure the interviewer that knows that you are willing to work on yourself and have taken his comments in an optimistic manner
  4. IMPROVE yourself into a better version
  5. Crack your next interview without giving the shortcomings a second thought

You can prepare for some commonly asked questions ahead of the interview and read some tips beforehand in order to minimise the criticism.

The next time you receive negative feedback always brace yourself and pay attention because the interviewer is only trying to help you. Enhance your skills further and strengthen your weak points to crack the next interview for sure. Don’t let anyone break your spirit. Keep working towards your goals and overcome all hurdles.

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