Finding a job is tough. Finding one which matches your potential is even tougher. While getting a job which matches your talent with the job proposal is exciting, jumping on to a job in a hurry can also be a fatal mistake. A blind job find will simply have you land nowhere. If you are not following the perfect job finding strategy then you would not be able to stand before the right employer. An apt job finding stratagem refers to some fixed steps leading to an ideal job. For instance, if you are a creative writer and you are opting for a job stating copy writing and translation as well, the genre is unnecessarily extended. Let’s try to discuss some practices which can help you land a job as per your expectations.

The period of job search is known as the transitional period. In fact, you are open to everything at this stage. The best thing to do now is to not get carried away at every job opening you encounter, but exercise caution and patience when applying. One also needs to be positive and motivated to keep on the lookout for that perfect job opening.

1. Think before applying:  Don’t apply to a job on the basis of the keywords only. Read the job descriptions carefully and understand the job first. Then draft a letter which compels your prospective employer to read your resume. Always remember, the first step is to get an interview call. Everything else will follow.

2. Dummy applications: We all have a dream job. The problem is that dream job gives you just 1 chance to prove yourself. What if you fail then? To avoid such a situation, before applying to your dream company, apply to similar jobs in less important companies. Get shortlisted and give interviews. That would strengthen you beyond mention.

3. Start Networking: Talk to people. Make new professional friends. Meet people at startup events, or career related/HR conferences. Get your Visiting Cards ready. Browse through Facebooks and LinkedIn if you have to. Talk to people on LinkedIn forums, but before you do that make sure your profile is top-notch. The crux is that there is no point in staying confined and just releasing resumes blindly. You have to be innovative in your approach for an appropriate job search. Look for people with similar career perspective, and among them it would be wise to get connected with those who have established themselves in their respective professional fields.

Effective Job Search Strategy

An effective job search strategy will always put you and the employer complimentary to each other and try to fill the need gap for both

4. Focus on your Key Skills: Every individual has a personal talent brand. Stick to it. Do not presume that you can be good at other things as well. Your expertise should come with precision and you should be well versed and inventive in your respective genre. For instance, if you are a website developer you should know more than what you have been taught. Your level of knowledge should always be guided by external factors, i.e. what is the latest trend in the website development industry. When you are not one among the common web developing congregation, you are sure to get noticed by the recruiters.

5. Connect with past employees: It is important to get connected with the alumni of the company  that you are applying to. They are the  best people to talk to – be it for the kind of job that you would be doing or the salary you can expect (or demand) and even what you could be asked during the interview rounds. You can meet such people in meetings or several social events.. Every week try adding at least three alumni to your process of job search. This you can do through directories and LinkedIn. This is one of the most industry tested method of job search and is sure to reap benefits.

6. Use the power of Job Boards – they always rescue: Whether you hate them or love them, job boards cannot be ignored. This is a podium which will never go out of fashion (just like a handwritten resume won’t). Identify all the leading job boards and start posting your resumes accordingly. Also, make sure your resume is job portal search engine optimized because you don’t want your resume to be lying on the 7th page when recruiters search for your skills. Job portals are a kind of search engines where recruiters search for candidates. When your resume or CV is optimized, it would appear on the top and make you & your skills more noticeable. A key factor which makes this possible is your Profile Headline or Title. Have an impactful headline which catches any hiring manager’s wandering eye.

If you can follow a few of these practices consistently for a few months, not only will you have an increased number of interview calls, but also a solid professional network to boast of.

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