A Resume is undoubtedly the most important part of any job interview. A good resume can do wonders and an excellent resume can do magic for any candidate. On the other hand, an average resume is enough to kill your first and last chance of getting that elusive job. A good resume creates the image that the candidate has worked hard to express her/himself and boosts confidence in both the panel and the candidate.

Remember, your resume is the first step you take to impressing the panel. Making an effective resume becomes all the more important for the off-campus candidates as it is the first stage where you need to impress the HR guys (the non-techies). HR people have something like 20-40 seconds to look at your resume (remember they have hundreds or even thousands of resumes to screen). Only if they find you attractive, will they forward your CV to the techies and the management. The Resume then has to impress those guys up there!

So start gathering all information you have about yourself and collecting all those certificates you’ve earned. Because, unless the HR – the first and the last part of any interview – is impressed the job might remain elusive always!!

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