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Sample Resume for Freshers (0-1 Years)

Below is a Fresher resume before and after changes. We identified problem areas in the original resume and then had a detailed discussion with the client. We suggested her a lot of changes according to the current industry scenario and how fresher resumes are perceived in the market. The client was cooperative and approved the final draft readily. (Some details in the resume have been protected due to reasons of confidentiality).


Resume Before Changes

Problem Areas in the Original Resume

  1. Lack of a formal / professional structure
  2. Alignment Issues
  3. Resume exceeding 1 page (which is the ideal length for freshers)
  4. Use of first person & active voice
  5. Lack of Keywords which hides the resume from recruiters in job portals & search engines 
  6. Information incomplete & vague at some places 


Rectifications & Solutions

  1. Resume given a very professional structure according to the target jobs of the candidate
  2. Format changed to a better & sharp format
  3. Designed to fit in 1 page with ample spacing
  4. Voice corrected
  5. Keywords added
  6. Telephonic conversation with the client ensured that all information is complete



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