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When was the last time you appeared for a job interview?  Was the last interview you gave for a junior level profile and you are now looking to find a senior-level position? Or are you a fresh graduate and have never been interviewed for any job position at all? Is an onsite/career progression opportunity presenting itself which will require interviews with senior executives? 

Are you comfortable during the interview process or do you sweat? Do you wonder what “right” answer the hiring manager is expecting? Do you pause a lot while you search for the right thing to say? And do you simply have no clue what to answer when asked, “Tell me about yourself?”

If you have one such case, you are at the right place. Order our Interview Drills that will help you tackle all of the above mentioned concerns. After your request is submitted, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time slot with one of our interview experts. Every piece of advice will bring you closer to landing your dream job! Every interview will be followed by
  • Overview of the experts’ opinion on you and some general advice or recommendations
  • Suggestions for your interview, how to approach and tips to improve 

What are you waiting for?
Don’t miss the chance to be trained and fully equipped before you enter any interview room!

What you will get

  • Practice interview questions from your domain and areas of expertise with our Industry Experts and IIM veterans from various fields (list of industries) with a vast experience of taking interviews
  • Learn how to answer "tell me something about yourself" and other similar questions
  • Learn to explain your career progression
  • Identify weaknesses in your preparation and learn how to overcome them
  • Receive Tips to strategize your interview
  • Plan questions for you to ask the employer to help you win their interest

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