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How much can you emphasize about the effect social networking is having on our everyday lives? Not enough. Social Networking has changed the way we interact, get in touch and even get recruited. Our blog has plenty of articles which  talk about the impact of LinkedIn and how much it is shaping the way employers recruit today.

  • LinkedIn boasts of more than 100 million users worldwide comprising of employers, professionals, students from all industries and services (link).
  • Thousands of big companies already have the ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ plugin accessible on their websites, wherein you only need to submit your LinkedIn profile to apply for the job (link). No job portals required anymore! 
  • LinkedIn is the number 1 site for business professionals looking to do more business, for employers looking to expand team sizes and industry professionals looking for new opportunities! 

Ready to get started? We are here to help you.

After filling up the request form, you will only need to send us your email/login id and a temporary password and a copy of your resume. The rest of the details will be taken over a phone call by your profile developer. 

We do not touch anything on your LinkedIn page except your profile and we NEVER share any of your information with anybody. Period. 

What you will get from us

  • A brand new or revamped LinkedIn profile that attracts attention with an impactful headline and engage employers and hiring managers. (Your LinkedIn profile is stored at a permanent link, which you can forward to recruiters)
  • A LinkedIn profile that is 85% to 100% complete guaranteed! We’ll help you add all of the missing elements. How complete we get your profile depends on the number of recommendations you can get.
  • A LinkedIn profile that can be found in LinkedIn (and Google) search as your LinkedIn profile will be optimized for keywords .
  • 12 to 20 different groups that you should join so you can engage in discussions, make new contacts and find new opportunities in employment and service.

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